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Dell Inspiron E1705 Troubleshooting

The Inspiron E1705 takes the latest high-performance technology and packs it into a mobile design that starts at just 7.61 pounds.

Laptop will not turn on

Your computer will not boot.


Make sure that your Inspiron E1705 laptop is charged. Also make sure that it is plugged into a functional electrical outlet. Double check that your computer is plugged in correctly as well. If this does not work, it may be a bad power adapter.

Bad Battery

If your adapter is working properly and your computer is charged, the issue may be with your battery. If the computer still does not turn on or the screen is flickering to a dimmer setting, the issue is with your battery.


If you turn on your laptop and when trying to run programs you experience random crashes and unexplained freezing, you may be experiencing a RAM issue. If Windows does not start showing error messages, or you receive a blue screen, or programs start crashing unexpectedly. Then the RAM currently installed, should be replaced. Reinstall the RAM and make sure to install it properly in the slot.

Bad Motherboard

If you turn on your laptop and nothing happens you may have a motherboard issue if you have already tried the previous troubleshooting. Some symptoms that may exhibit a bad motherboard are: if you turn on the laptop and the power button lights up yet the screen remains black, or once you turn the laptop on and all you hear is a quiet whistling sound from the motherboard malfunctioning.

No Display on Screen

The screen suddenly turns black and nothing is visible.

Check Charge

Make sure your Inspiron E1705 is turned on and running. If not, plug your computer in and make sure that it turns on. If your computer is already turned on, check the brightness.

Check Brightness Levels

Check your brightness settings and make sure it isn't all the way down. Try turning up the brightness. If that doesn't work, you may have a malfunctioning graphics/video card or broken display.

Bad Graphics/Video Card

If neither of these solutions fixed your display issue, try listening to the fan of your graphic/video card. If you hear one less fan running than usual and if the monitor is still blank, then your graphic card is malfunctioning.

Defective Screen

If none of the solutions worked above, you will need to replace the screen. Refer to the repair guides for a tutorial on how to replace your laptop's screen.

Battery Issues

Computer abruptly shuts off.

Battery Installment

Check to see that your battery is properly installed in your Inspiron E1705. You can take it out by sliding the tab to release it. Then, make sure the battery is aligned with the slot and pop it back into place. The sliding release tab should make a snap noise, indicating that the battery is properly installed.

Dead Battery

Try to turn your computer on when it's not plugged into the power adapter. If it doesn't turn on, try plugging it into the power adapter. Then, after your computer is booted, unplug it from the power adapter. If your computer shuts off, you probably have a dead battery. You can fix this buy purchasing a new battery.

Hard Drive Issue

A common issue that may be related to your hard drive.

Windows Freezes on Initial Screen

If your laptop powers on yet it freezes when the initial Windows screen up this may be a hard drive issue. If you hear flickering or feint clicking, this is a serious issue with your hard drive and it should be replaced. Refer to repair guides for more information.

No Audio

Issues with sound or no sound at all.

Audio through external speakers, but not through internal speakers

If you don't hear any audio through your laptop, but can hear audio when plugged into external speakers, you may have a hardware issue. Try running an audio test in Dell Diagnostics.

Bad Wiring

If you are not getting any sound at all you may want to check your sound card in your laptop. The wires may not be correctly plugged into the motherboard.

Out-of-Date Drivers

Another common issue is not updating your Inspiron's drivers. Go to the dell website and make sure you have the latest installments of all your drivers and this may fix your audio problem.

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