Dell Inspiron PP1150 Troubleshooting

The Dell Inspiron is a laptop that was first made in April of 2004. It includes speakers, a CD/DVD drive, wireless, and an LCD screen.

Note: This troubleshooting page covers this model of a Dell Inspiron.

Your computer will not boot.

The battery might need to be replaced.

Removing Dell Inspiron 1150 Battery

And/Or you're hard drive is broken.

An overheated motherboard.

Motherboards are very sensitive to heat, and if it is damaged, your laptop is useless. Therefore it will probably need to be replaced.

Removing Dell Inspiron 1150 RAM

If the sound coming out of your speakers is faint or not working, the speakers might need to be replaced.

removing the Dell Inspiron 1150 Speakers

Might NOT mean your laptop is broken

The screen might need replacing if it is cracked or blank.

Removing the Dell Inspiron 1150 Display Assembly

A disfunctional CD/DVD drive is easy to take out and fix and/or replace.

Removing Dell Inspiron 1150 Optical drive

If you have this, you can easily buy and replace a wireless card.

Removing the Dell Inspiron 1150 Modem Card

BSOD is the most severe error your laptop will encounter and as such, there are several problems associated with it. Here are a few:

1. A problem with the device driver: outdated or corrupt drivers will stall or stop the system and need to be replaced.

2. A temperature problem, perhaps with a faulty fan.

3. Hardware failure

4. A faulty or corrupt spyware, in which case you would havae to install new spyware.

5. Or a timing error.

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