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DigiLand DL1010Q Troubleshooting

10" tablet used for media and internet browsing Released in 2014

Tablet won't turn on ¶ 

Not matter what, your tablet just won't turn on

Factory reset ¶ 

If the tablet will not turn on, you can try resetting the device by gently inserting a small object, like a paper clip in to the port labeled "Reset", pushing down for 5-10 seconds.

Drained battery ¶ 

The device may not be turning on simply because the battery might be drained. Just locate your charger and connect it to a power source and allow it to charge until the tablet responds.

Faulty battery ¶ 

If all else fails, the problem might be a faulty battery. In this case you may have to replace the internal battery.

Replacement Battery

Screen not responding ¶ 

The screen on the tablet is not responding to touch

Factory reset ¶ 

If the tablet screen will not respond to any commands, you can try resetting the device by gently inserting a small object, like a paper clip in to the port labeled "Reset", pushing down for 5-10 seconds.

Faulty screen ¶ 

If the screen will not respond after resetting it, you may have a faulty screen and will need to be replaced.

Screen repair video

Tablet won't charge ¶ 

The Tablet is not responding to a source of power

Replace charger ¶ 

If you you have plugged your tablet into multiple power sources, and it still will not charge, you might have to replace the charger.

Replacement Charger

Tablet does not connect to Wi-Fi ¶ 

What to do if your tablet simply cannot connect to Wi-Fi

Check Wi-Fi connection on tablet ¶ 

If you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi, make sure you have your settings on the tablet for Wi-Fi is on.

Reset Wi-Fi router ¶ 

If the tablet won't connect to the Wi-Fi, simply locate your router and disconnect it from its power source for 60 seconds, then plug it back in and try your connection again.

Tablet not producing sound ¶ 

What can you do if there is no sound

Check your headphones ¶ 

If you do not receive any sound from your device through your headphones, the problem may lie with the headphones. Try a different pair of headphones in the headphone port and see if you receive sound.

Faulty headphone input/jack ¶ 

If you have tried multiple pairs of headphones, and still have not received any sound, you may have a faulty headphone jack.

My digiland tablet screen is not turning onto the main screen.

washcollgrad - Antwort

I made a mistake by adding sound to all actions made it seams harder because of the constant tapping of the screen to get another page how can I change this.

vzeqrxnl - Antwort

Mi tablet no vino con el icono de la cámara frontal y ademas se apaga sola y enciende cuando le da la gana

evangelistaking17 - Antwort

my tablet accidentally got reset..i don't know the orginal g.mail account can someone please help me. I've tried several different things nothing is working

sammyjo04 - Antwort

Mine did same thing i have dactiry reset plugged and many other things im so mad says no comand

Dianna williams -

My tablet won't turn on. I had turned it off to charge and when it was done it wouldn't turn on. I tried the factory reset, didn't work. It can't be faulty parts, i just got it about a month ago.

Any advice?

devon miller - Antwort

My problem is that the sound of comes out messed up unless I push the little mic piece down

sanclemenin78 - Antwort

Keyboard is not listed as an option under "Keyboard & Input Methods" (only "Google Voice Typing). Anyone know how to enable the keyboard in this situation?

Ada Brush - Antwort

My tablets USB port seems to have been damaged, can I replace the USB port? It seems to be missing one of the pins necessary to make a good connection, as such it is dead in the water so to speak

Andrew - Antwort

Mine too I took it shops nobody have new ports for it.

wwwevettesanchez42 -

I need a new port my tablet can't charge

wwwevettesanchez42 -

I have a digiland dl1010q tablet battery went bad ordered a new one it came but only has a red and black wire my old battery had red black and white so i put red with red black with black and white with the black all it will do is flash digiland the first thing that popped up was battery but 0% and went ti flashing now thats all it does can not find a battery with three wires anywhere

Ben Sheets - Antwort

My Digiland Dl1010Q is having problems in the storage and application section of the settings. In storage, each storage keeps calculating endlessly and wont stop. This is now preventing me from downloading any apps. In the app section, my apps are shown to take up no space and the bar showing free space is completely grey without any numbers. Only the RAM is showing. But in my file manager my free space is showing. Please help me. I factory reset it hoping it would be fixed but that didnt help and now i cant install any apps and my tablet is now useless.

Clive - Antwort

Bought tablet at yard sale and master reset it, And now it says I have to use a previously synced account to the digiland tablet I'm working on how do I bypass that

jananandtony15 - Antwort

Vada Jillian tablet yard sale saying it needs our previously synced account which I do not have how do I bypass

jananandtony15 - Antwort

Ugh I bought hey did you land tablet 7-inch at a yard sale it's saying it needs a previously synced account which I do not have how do I bypass

jananandtony15 - Antwort

My tablet will not. Boot after using great button. No PC repairmen can fix it. Most common answers are. Send to manufacturer

scottelsey2 - Antwort

How do I get the tablet to use the SD card for storage?


Thank you. Pretty sure I have a faulty battery. Off we go to Best Buy. Hope they can fix it because I've tried everything else.

Sharon Stokes - Antwort

My tablet turns on but main screen is in lock mode and says app permission management is closed will not let me unlock what can I do?

Layla Sexton - Antwort

I have tried multiple different charges but my Digiland still wont charge

Rayne Garner - Antwort

I was just gonna boot it one day and all it did was loop that blue circle :/. Please help

Dass28 Plays Roblox - Antwort

Thank you! I tried absolutely EVERYTHG! Screen was frozen on boot mode screen. Wouldn't shut off, wouldn't do anythg. Then I read your post. And did what you suggested and poked the reset button with a pin and worked like a charm!!!

hy - Antwort

I'm some where else but when I get home I will definitely try and if it does not I will just buy another pair from the dollar store and what will I do if that does not work? Hopefully it does thank you.

Amiee Rose - Antwort

my device once powered on stays at the loading screen that has the digiland logo on it. it stays loading until it finally runs out of battery. I tried the factory reset.. but it's in chinese... someone HELP!!!!!

yashiro leonardo - Antwort

I'm totally having the same problem it went dead I agree charged it turned it on a little boot but when it's loading it could still WiFi and says there's no suitable AP and it's in Chinese so I'm out of luck I really do hope that there is a way to fix this if you happen to find a way to fix yours could you please pass it forward and I'll be sure to do the same I'm trying to give the tablet to my daughter

Patience Rose -

I bought my tablet off Craigslist and found out that the previous owner did'nt factory reset the gmail account so I would be able to set mine up. I don't know what to do now. The man who I purchased the tablet from will not respond to any of my voicemails or text messages. Is their a default /generic reset email that can be used for people like me can use incase of a predicament like mine?

baileyeryn79 - Antwort

I bought one brand new. And it won't work unless connected to charger. So frustrating!

Katie Mussatto - Antwort

My tablet fell down and it's not working..;how can I get it fixed?

I think the battery was damaged since it ain't taking any

Moren Mose - Antwort

My tablet has been rooted for over a year now I did a factory data reset so I can give it to my daughter it's been working fine for about 3 months and she let the tablet died and when we turned it on Goodell booed up come on but when it tries to access WiFi it says no suitable AP. Is it possible to bring this thing back to the living or is it parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Patience Rose - Antwort

I did a factory data reset to clear all the data and give the tablet to my daughter. I rebooted it using information that she could use so she can watch her cartoons the battery went dead one day when I charged it and turn the tablet back on it says there's no suitable AP for the WiFi what can I do if anything

Patience Rose - Antwort

the tablet was a gift for my grand daughter and it stopped working,,, i the the reset bottom for 10 sec and it worked.. thank you

Maria d ortiz - Antwort

My ''digiland tablet ''won’t go to the main screen. When I press down on the power button but when I do it turns on then turns off, I got it taken away like in october of 2017 and just got back yesterday on march 12, 2018. I reset it but entering a paperclip in and it still shows me the same thing. It opens and then shuts off 4 or 5 seconds later. I need this to work very bad cause I need it to complete my homework online with, without it I won’t be able to complete half of my homework assigned. I tried charging it also. What is the cause of this and how do I fix it? do I let it charge for 24 hours or more? If not that, what should I do then? If you have a solution can you email me I am in need of help and desperate…

Ashley Hilaire - Antwort

I own a DIGILAND 8 inch windows 8 tablet I have,nt charged it in quite awhile and I went to charge it and it won,t charge or turn on I,ve tried using different chargers and I charged it for 24hours and it still does,nt work I was looking for the factory reset button but mine does,nt seem to have one is their anything u can do to get my tablet to charge and turn on again I also tried holding the power button and the volume up buttons but that has,nt worked eather

mary dreachslin - Antwort

I have text on my tablet that says it’s in fast boot mode

Scott - Antwort

No matter what I do it will not let me reset

Scott - Antwort

Shell has stop0ed on my Digiland

nulphdanyel - Antwort

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