Drobo (Drop-Box) FS Series

Drobo FS800 / Bootloop Issue / April 2015

Dear all,

you need at least two TTL/USB Adaptor. They are shipped with some small Jumper cables. They need to be connected with the two described 4 pins. There you need GND, TX and RX. The GND is at the other side of the white marked end. The TX and RX needs to be crossconnected to the TTL Adaptor. You should use PUTTY two times parallel. Please use 115200, N, 8, 1 serial Setting. Now you should start the Drobo. On your Output of Putty you should see the startup. After two seconds break the startup with typing any Key. Now type in a “?”. You should be able to issue the command “Bootflash” or “flashboot” followed by a blank and “2”. It looks like “bootflash 2”. Followed by an enter. Thats all. When startup is now finished pöease issue “boot” in your other PUTTY. When your Drobo is finished with booting and presented in your Drobo Software, you MUST reupdate the software of the Drobo. Then the issue should be solved. In case of any Problems or it worked please post this here.

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