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The ink ribbon keeps getting stuck while trying to print label

  • Old Tape

If the tape has not been used recently, try taking the cassette out and unwinding the tape a few centimeters until you can see a new part of the tape showing. Cut the tape at the spot where the new adhesive begins. Reinsert the cassette and try again.

  • Ink Ribbon Not Flat

If the ink ribbon is not flat when the cassette was inserted then the tape is going to have a hard time printing. If this is the problem, remove the cassette and straighten out the tape so it lays flat. Reinsert the cassette and try again.

  • Batteries are low and will need replacing. Check to ensure batteries are properly placed into their slots. When replacing batteries make sure to alkaline batteries or better if available.
  • If that solution failed then it adjusting your contrast may be best. To do this, adjust to the darkest setting in order to obtain a better print quality. This option can be found by following the instructions in manual from paragraph "Print Contrast"
  • Contrast Too Low

You will need to increase your contrast levels. Contrast setting can be found in the manual in the paragraph "Print Contrast"

The text is tilted, instead of parallel to the paper

  • Cassette Misaligned

First make sure to check that your cassette is not jammed while printing. If not make sure the cassette is pushed firmly to the back of the cassette compartment.

  • Tape Not Properly Guided

Make sure to check and see if your cassette is feeding the tape through both of the guidance pins correctly. If the Label Maker is not doing this, you will need to contact Dymo and register the device for repair.

The label is not being cut properly

  • Dirty Blade

Sometimes after repeated use of the label maker, residue from glue may build up on the blade causing it to malfunction. If this occurring, take a small cotton swab and dip it in solvent (like alcohol). Carefully take the cotton swab to the cutting blade and brush away anything that might be making the blade dirty.

  • Blade Obstructed

Remove the cassette and check that there are no obstructions or objects in front or on the cutter blade. Remove any objects found and firmly push the cassette back inside the compartment. This is done to ensure that the cassette fits properly at the bottom of the compartment. If problems with the issue persists, please contact a dealer to return your unit for repair.


I cannot get my Dymo 160 labelmanager to print. After removing a finished cartridge I placed a new cartridge in and although the machine is 'whirring' as if writting no tape emerges from the machine. I have tried 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 inch tape cartridges and replaced the batteries - any ideas?

gavin - Antwort

I am having the exact same issue

natasha muggleton -

Hi Gavin,

I had the same issue take the cartilage from the back make sure its not out of order or jammed reline t and it show work again. Thats what happend to me

randomenitem -

Same here. Did you find a solution?

Shiela -

I have the same exact problem, and I wish someone would get on this thread or somewhere on the internet and say how to fix it, because I have been searching the internet for over an hour trying to get this thing to work!

Jaimie Ritchie -

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