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Eclipse 180G2-W Troubleshooting

Model: Eclipse 180G2-W RD 4GB

Device won't turn on

Many issues may prevent the device from turning on, take notice of indicator LED while attempting to turn on the device in order to troubleshoot.

Bad Battery

If your device starts up while using a charger, but not while using the battery this indicates that the battery may no longer hold a charge.

Bad display

If the display remains off with the device turned on the display could have failed or become disconnected internally.

Bad Motherboard

If you have put a charged battery into the device and it has no indication of start-up then the problem most likely lies in the motherboard.

Device turns ON but has limited functionality

There are thousands of components that make up this device, over time any one of them could fail from many different factors, this is where modular components shine.

Touch-pad not scrolling

If you are pressing the touch-pad but the device is not responding then there is a good chance the contacts have become dirty or failed.

Not recognizing SD card

If the device is not reading an SD card, remove the card and clean the pins. Upon replacement if the card still does not recognize, the internal card reader has failed or SD card may be broken.

Limited output sound

If the external speaker or headphone port is not outputting any sound then the audio board has failed. If either one works but not the other this is indication that the specific component has failed. i.e. Speaker blown out, headphone circuit failed.

No USB connection when plugged into computer

If you plug the device into the usb port of your computer and the system does not recognize the device as being plugged in then the USB circuit is broken. This is non-replaceable.

FM radio not working

The FM transmitter is integrated onto the motherboard of the device, if the FM radio has ceased working it is non-replaceable.

i have a eclipse mp3 player was downloading now problem then stopped and left this code err_no=0x50000013 how do i fix this .....

armbarboza - Antwort

this is the second eclipsemp3 i have bought. the first one didn't last long it wouldn't hold a charge. the second one that i bought last week worked a few days and then it won't turn on or off only works if it is plugged into an outlet. that's not what i bought it for. i would like to use it to listen to while i walk. i like the eclipsemp3, i hope you can give me an answer to this.

Rosalia - Antwort

My mp3 is not working

Erika Kaminski - Antwort

My mp3 is not working right

Erika Kaminski - Antwort

i have on and it will not charge or turn on what do i do

annie reece - Antwort

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