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so what do i after the first step ... Beep accidently drip on computer screen only .. there is alot of water mark on screen .. computer is workin fine... computer is off right now! please help

Alba Ramirez - Antwort

Alba this is the wrong area to post this. Please ask your question here: http://www.ifixit.com/Answers/

ABCellars -

*sorry Beer dripped inside computer monitor

Alba Ramirez - Antwort

Special Note.

Pure water neutral pH = 7.0 You don't have too much of an issue here -- easy to clean

Blood = 7.4 This may be more of an issue. If it is a large amount and your blood please seek medical advice

Gastric Juice = 0.7 See Blood

Urine = 6.0 If it's yours you may have behavioral issues. If it isn't, do you really want to clean it??

Pancreatic Juice = 8.1 See Blood

Cerebrospinal Fluid = 7.3 Really see blood

Saliva = 7.0 Ex Sneeze, just wipe it off. If sufficient to cause electrical; issue then you have other problems

Wheat Beer = 3.3 - 3.7 Why are there 3 kinds of beer listed

Lager Beer = 4.4 - 4.7 Really Why

Unfermented Beer = 5.5 What about a nice red wine

Lemon juice = 2.3 No comment

Bleach = 12 to 12.6 At least it is not a bio hazard anymore (see Blood, Urine etc)

Sea water i.e. Saltwater = about 8.2 ;)

Bruce Kempe - Antwort

You Sir just killed me. Might just never stop laughing XD

mexorsu -

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