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Ematic Funtab FTABXXX Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Guide for Ematic FuntabXXX. Released March, 2013.

Make sure the device has power and is turned on.

Ematic Funtab won't turn on. ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your Ematic Funtab to turn on.

Before opening the device, make sure it is fully charged.

Loose plastic cover for power button. ¶ 

A common reason why the Ematic Funtab will not turn on is due to the plastic cover not depressing the power button. A simple fix would be to open the case and realign the power button.

Drained/lifeless battery. ¶ 

If your Ematic Funtab won't turn on, it could be due the battery not being charged. Plug the Ematic Funtab in for at least a half hour to give it charge. If the Ematic Funtab still will not turn then the battery will need to be replaced.

Fried mother board. ¶ 

If the problem persists, most likely the problem is a non functioning logic board. In this case, the logic board would need to be replaced.

The volume is not working. ¶ 

The volume is either muted or does not change when volume buttons are pressed.

Plastic volume control button covers are loose. ¶ 

The plastic volume control button covers have been moved out of place. Simply pop open the front bezel and realign the plastic volume control buttons where they are seated properly.

A non-functioning speaker. ¶ 

If volume meter is displayed when volume buttons are pressed, then the volume buttons are functioning. If no sound is emitted from the device, the problem is most likely a faulty speaker.

Misaligned speaker. ¶ 

If speaker is emitting an odd buzzing sound, it is possible that the speaker has moved and needs to be put back into its original position.

The display is not working. ¶ 

There is no picture when device is turned on or the picture is unresponsive.

Blank display. ¶ 

Make sure the device has power and is turned on.

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is bad. It is possible the display is bad and must be replaced. You can follow our guide on how to replace the display.

Unresponsive touchscreen. ¶ 

The display shows picture, but does not respond to touch. It is possible that the tablet has frozen and needs to be reset. First try holding down the power button to turn off the tablet. If the tablet does not respond to the power button then reset it using the reset hole.

Malfunctioning webcam. ¶ 

Misaligned Webcam ¶ 

The tablet could have possibly been dropped and knocked the webcam out of position. Simple pop open the front bezel and realign the webcam to the original position within its designated tray.

The connector became loose ¶ 

The ribbon connecting the webcam to the motherboard became loose. Open up the device and securely connect the electronic ribbon attaching the webcam to the motherboard.

The webcam is broken ¶ 

If the previous issues do no resolve the problem, the webcam may need to be replaced entirely.

Not connecting to the computer. ¶ 

The computer does not recognize the tablet when it is plugged in via USB cable.

Broken USB port ¶ 

It is possible that the USB port has become loose. Some tricky positioning with the cable in the USB port may regain correct connectivity to the PC.

Faulty USB cable ¶ 

If the USB port is not the issue, the next possibility is a faulty USB cable. Simply buy a replacement USB cable to resolve this problem.

Not connecting to the internet. ¶ 

Having trouble gaining connectivity for the tablet.

Broken wireless connector. ¶ 

The wireless connector may need to be replaced. This will be resolved by purchasing a new wireless connector, opening the device, and mounting the wireless connector to its correct position onto the motherboard.

=== Can not connect to wireless access point.===

I just brought my tablet and it's.not coming on at all. All its doing is showing ematic on the screen and a circle turning.

Ikeysha rahim - Antwort

i have the same problem. it never goes farther than "android is loading".

angelwdsn -

My daughter tablet doing the same thing

Sabrina Birge -

My child's works fine but the sound is so low you can barly hear it and it's turend all the way up how do bbq I fix this

Tisha Stanley - Antwort

My sons tablet was fine at first then all of a sudden the touchscreen just stopped working all together

Iam Fyneese - Antwort

My daughter funtab restarts in parent mode just about every time, can be in the middle of a game when it does it. I am getting ready to contact the company

Misty Polly - Antwort

I Just received but it cannot show the videos in you tubes? Is it normal?

Phoebe Lui - Antwort

All mine is doing is showing android is starting an optimizing app.. I restart for it took keep doing until dead...

Brandon Gonzales - Antwort

Mine is doing the exact same thing did yoyu ever figure out what it was

barbarajones819 -

Did you solve the problem?

linwinning4 -

I purchased my son for Christmas when I turned it on it goes to optimizing app then it will get a certain point and restart anyone know what might be going on or should I just contact the company

barbarajones819 - Antwort

The one I gotten my daughter for Christmas is doing the exact same thing! Constant!

linwinning4 -

My daughter's is also we just got it for here at Christmas

Darrell -

Just purchased my son's tablet a month ago and now I'm getting the same message on screen... Have they found a solution for it yet?

Carla Williams -

My child's funtab tablets charger plug in is broken from being pushed in to much The little thing inside don't charge.what do I do and can it be fixed?

Amber Perez - Antwort

Please let me know what to do!

Amber Perez - Antwort

I just bought it for my daughter and it wont allow me to connect to wifi. I have rebooted my wifi and everything i could think of and its still not connecting. Everything else connected to my wifi works but not my new device.

Maria E Carbajal - Antwort

I just bought my funtab for my daughter and it wont let me connect to my wifi. Ive rebooted my internet. Everything else connected to my wifi works except my funtab. Ive tried everything

Maria E Carbajal - Antwort

App mall isn’t working. What is wrong with it?

Kaitlyn Medrano - Antwort

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