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Can't get your MT7001 to turn on? Try this…

Hold down the power button located on the upper right hand side of the tablet for 30 seconds or until the screen turns on.

Plug the charger into the micro USB port located on the bottom of the Eviant.

The battery is not replaceable so therefore it is not fixable.

The sound coming out of the speaker doesn't sound right or there is no sound at all? Try this...

If there is no sound coming out of the speaker make sure the volume is not on mute and is turned up.

If there is still no sound or the sound is distorted you can change the speaker.

When the Eviant is plugged into the charger it doesn't seem to be charging? Try this...

Make sure charger is working, if not replace charger.

If the Eviant Tablet still won't charge replace the charging port.

If the tablet still won't charge then the battery is damaged and cannot be replaced.

When the headphones are in the sound is distorted or there is no sound? Try this…

If there is no sound out of the headphones make sure the volume is not muted and is turned up.

If there is still no sound or if it is distorted then make sure the headphones are working properly.

If the sound is still not working properly then the headphone jack needs to be replaced.

The screen seems to be dim and is making it hard to see? Try this…

If your screen is dim make sure the brightness on the device is turned up.

If this does not work then the LED may need to be replaced.

If the LED is still not working then there is an issue with the circuit board.

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