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Watch is no longer working

Battery is dead

The lifespan of a watch battery varies greatly, typically ranging from 2-6 years. If you've had your watch for awhile and it suddenly stopped working, chances are, you need some more juice. To learn how to replace a watch battery, click here.

Watch needs to be adjusted

Time and Date are wrong

If the time or date is incorrect, it's probably due to a recent battery replacement, daylight saving, or change in time zone. To learn how to reset the time and date, please click here.

Watch band is loose/tight

If your watch seems to rattle around your wrist or almost block circulation, then your watch band is too loose or too tight. To see how to readjust the watch band length, please click here.

Watch clasp is unlatching

If your watch seems the unhinge and rattle around your wrist or even fall off, it may be due to a faulty watch clasp. To see how to replace the watch clasp, please click here.

Buttons are stuck

Time Setting Dial isn't turning

If the dial used to set time is hard to turn, then the dial or its axis may be rusted or stuck. This may mean that you need to replace the dial, or just take it out and clean it. See our dial replacement guide for instructions on how to do so.

Watch isn't water-resistant

Watch back is broken

If water seems to be seeping into your watch, the watch back may not be secure or could be broken. To see how to replace the watch back, please click here.

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