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Fujifilm FinePix A350 Troubleshooting

Released in 2005, this camera is the A350 model in Fujifilm's FinePix series.

Camera Will Not Power On

The camera will not power up or display information on the LCD screen.

Faulty Battery

The batteries in your device may have run out of power. See the battery replacement guide. If replacing the batteries does not work, then the battery contact plate may be soiled. See the battery contact replacement guide.

Faulty Circuit Board

If the batteries are installed properly, and the camera still does not power on, the camera's internal circuit board may be damaged. See the motherboard replacement guide.

Faulty Screen

If the camera seems to be on but does not display information on the screen, the camera's screen may be damaged and unable to operate properly. See the screen replacement guide.

Camera Does Not Take A Picture

The camera does not take a picture when the shutter button is pressed.

Memory Card Issue

The memory card may be inserted incorrectly or damaged. It is also possible the memory card is full. See the memory card replacement guide.

Camera Has Powered Off Automatically

When the camera is not in use for a preset amount of time, it automatically turns off. To resume normal function, press the power button located on the top of the camera to turn it back on.

Faulty Lens

If the camera does not take pictures, or pictures are extremely distorted, then the lens assembly may be faulty. The replacement process for this part is fairly involved compared to the other components, so make sure you have tried both of the solutions mentioned above before attempting this one. See the lens replacement guide.

Flash Does Not Operate

The camera will take pictures, but the flash does not operate.

Incorrect Shooting Mode

If the camera is in Landscape mode, the flash will not operate. To use the flash, switch the camera into a different shooting mode.

Faulty Flash Unit

The flash unit may be faulty, and replacement of the bulb will be required. See the flash unit replacement guide.

Image Is Blurry

The camera will take images, but they appear out of focus.

Not Optimal Environment

There may not be a problem with the camera itself. For example, the lens may be dirty, or the subject may be too dark.

Incorrect Use Of Micro Mode

The micro shooting mode is used for taking pictures of close-up subjects. The picture may be blurry if you are shooting a close-up picture in a mode other than micro, or if you are shooting a normal picture in micro mode.

Camera Does Not Emit Sound

The camera operates as normal, but it does not emit sound when playing back video.

Incorrect Volume Adjustment

The volume may be too low for you to hear. To adjust the volume, first press the MENU/OK button, then select OPTION. Once in the option menu, select VOLUME, then adjust with the left and right buttons.

Faulty Speaker

The camera's speaker may be damaged and unable to produce sound. See the speaker replacement guide.

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