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GE Digital Messaging System Troubleshooting

GE Digital Messaging System is an answering system connected to any phone line.

The volume control is located on the right side of the face on the device. Press the up button.

If adjusting the volume does not work the speaker may need to be replaced. Here is how to replace the speaker

You must play messages for at least five seconds before pressing and holding the previous button to restart messages. This is located on the face of the device.

The caller may have left a message longer then the message length you chose during setup.

If the device's memory is full, delete some of your messages.

You may have accidentally pressed the STOP/SET button when you were playing back your messages.

You must use touch-tone phone which is also known as a push button phone.

You must enter the correct security code.

If you take no action for a period of time, the system automatically hangs up.

Memory is Full. Erase some of your messages.

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