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When users try to switch on the device, nothing happens.

If the charger is plugged in but the device still doesn't response, then the battery is not working. Consider changing the battery.

If there is no USB inserted sound when charger is plugged in to the computer, the charger is not working. Consider purchasing a replacement charger.

After using few months, the charging port is not sensitive.

The contact surface might be rusty or oily because of being used. Dripping few drops of alcoholic cleaner on tissue and cleaning the charger port might help.

Device can't detect the accurate distance after hitting the golf.

If the device can't measure the actual distance, the odometer is faulty. Need to replace a new odometer.

The device can't connect to satellite.

It might be due to too many shelters or user is staying in in-door where the device cannot detect the signal. Users can try to go out-door or somewhere spacious to try the device again.

If the user is locating on a golf course but the device is still unable to connect to satellite, then the GPS receiver is faulty. The user needs to replace a new GPS receiver.

The device can't search the nearby golf course.

If the user can't find the nearby golf course, it might be due to the outdated version of system. Go to the Garmin website to download the newest version of OS or maps.

S2 will only take half a charge bought a new clip but the same

Ian Hall - Antwort

I have the same issue. I plugged the S2 in for hours, but the Garmin message would flash on the device for a second and go away. I then plugged it into a computer and got the watch to respond. I updated the software, as suggested. But now it says it’s charging, but only charges 1/2 way.

Very disappointed.

johnnyt -

S2 can't be recognized by my computer although I use the USB adaptor. Disappointment only after 18 months.

alain fortier - Antwort

I have the exact same problem. The watch works fine, but I cannot get it to sync to my computer. So I can’t update the golf courses or upload my scores. Very disappointed.

Steve Harlow -

mine will not turn off

brian - Antwort

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