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Gateway 3545GZ Troubleshooting

Gateway 3545GZ: Released December 2004

Battery Will Not Charge/Computer Turning off when unplugged.

This may be caused by the chemistry in the Battery and is unavoidable. Looking down at the bottom-right hand corner of the screen, there should be an icon showing the battery; if the battery’s charge percentage is not increasing when plugged in, then you may have a defective battery and should replace using this guide.

When the laptop becomes unplugged from the adapter and the battery is connected properly to the laptop, and the computer shuts down; your battery is defective and needs to be replaced in order to move around freely without a cord.

Computer Tends to Overheat, which causes computer to shutdown or just become very hot.

If your computer becomes hot to the touch, more so than usual, then your fan might be faulty. Check to see if you hear any air blowing out of your computer or any sounds resembling a small motor. If you do not hear any of these things, then you may have to replace your fan. This may be caused by dust inside the laptop causing the fan not to work properly, or it could be a faulty motor inside the fan.

Your laptop will power on, but you will not be able to get to the home screen.

This may be caused by the hard drive being scratched, which could have been caused by rough use. The Hard Drive may by malfunctioning if you are consistently noticing that your files are corrupt. A way around this may be to use a separate storage device to store your files.

Again, this could be caused by a scratched hard drive. If your Gateway 3545 GZ will not boot up then your Hard Drive may be broken beyond repair, Hard Drives are very hard to revive, so it may be more economically viable to replace the whole hard drive.

Keyboard is not functioning properly or specific keys are stuck and not working.

If the entire keyboard does not respond, then the entire keyboard may be faulty and needs to be replaced in order to use it, replace it with [Ungültiger Anleitungslink]. This may be caused by food/gunk in the keys or have just worn out over time.

Keys stuck in place maybe something as simple as food stuck in the keyboard, first check to see if there is junk jammed in the keyboard before proceeding. If this is not true, then this may be caused by the key either being blocked or misaligned. For either, [Ungültiger Anleitungslink].

Missing keys will not allow you to be able to use your computer at optimum performance; keyboard keys are very simple to replace, this guide will show you how to do this.

Display/Screen is broken; such as a cracked screen or a disabled display.

If the laptop display has odd video images after being on for a while, this may be due to excessive heat from the motherboard. In this event, your [Ungültiger Anleitungslink].

If the screen is cracked or broken beyond use there is no option but to fix it, displays cannot be repaired easily, so you may have to replace the entire display. This guide is your best option.

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