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Nothing happens when holding the power button down.

Plugging the device into the charging port wait 1-3 mintues. Try turning the device again while still plugged in.

Try turning the device on while plugged in, if the device only stays on while plugged in, you will have to replace the battery

After startup of the device, if the screen remains blank, or the displayed image is wrong, the screen may be damaged, or the video adapter may not work properly.

Check your device's screen for any apparent damage. If there is no damage on the outside, open the device and inspect the wire for damage. If you find damage, either on the outside or to the wire, replace the screen.

If there is no damage to either the screen or the wire, it is possible the video adapter is broken. If this is the case you must replace the motherboard.

When the device is powered on and functioning normally but you can't navigate by touch through the decive then the touchscreen diigitizer may need to be replaced.

If the device is responsive except for the digitizer, it is possible that the digitizer is broken and needs to be replaced.

After powering the device and then it becomes unresponsive after any period of time. Try tunring the decive off and then back on, if it continues to freeze then proceed to do a factory reset.

If it continues to malfunction then the device may have faulty RAM, in which case you need to replace the motherboard.

It is possible that the wifi hotspot you are attempting to connect to is at fault. Attempt to connect to a different hotspot.

If your device is capable of detecting the hotspot, but cannot connect to it, there may be an issue with the device's programming. Perform a factory reset.

If your device cannot detect any wifi hotspots, it is likely the wifi antenna is damaged, and needs to be replaced.

First, confirm it is the device that is not working properly, either by connecting the wire to a seperate device that you know works, or connecting a new wire to the old device.

If the device is at fault, you must replace the motherboard.

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