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HP 7 Plus 1302 Troubleshooting

Tablet will not power on

You try to turn the tablet on but it refuses to respond

Drained/Bad Battery

If your tablet has not been used in some time, first make sure that the battery is charged. Plug it into the wall charger and allow it to charge for at least 30 minutes and then try to power the tablet on again. If no other options work, the battery itself may be bad and need to be replaced.

Malfunctioning Power Switch/Button

If the unit seems to be charged and working, but will not respond to input from the power button, then the button itself may be bad or disconnected internally. If this is the case, the button may need to be replaced or reconnected inside the tablet.

Bad Display

The display itself could be malfunctioning or broken. This could be a result of a bad connection or a failure of the display itself. If this is the case, the display may need to be replaced.

Bad Logic Board

If neither of the above options help at all there may be an issue in the logic board or internal circuitry. If this is the case the board itself may need to be replaced.

Battery will not hold a charge

You charge the battery but it quickly loses charge or doesn't charge at all

Bad AC Adapter

Check the AC adapter cable plug the adapter cable directly into a functioning wall outlet, and then plug the other end into the tablet. With the unit initially powered OFF, a picture of a red battery should appear followed by a green battery that appears to be charging. If the manufacturer supplied AC adapter does not appear to charge the battery, try using another similar AC adapter to isolate the problem to the manufacturer supplied adapter. The HP 7 plus uses a micro-USB power connector and should universally work with any other micro-USB power adapter. You may be able to test the power adapter on another device as well to eliminate it as the problem.

Too Many Apps are Running

Check the power setting and make sure that apps are not using a lot of power. On the Home screen, tap the “All apps” icon, and then tap the “Settings” icon. In the “Device” section, tap “Battery”. You will be able to see what apps or services are using the most power. Try shutting down the largest power users and see if battery life improves.

Bad Battery

If you see the battery charging when you plug in the power adapter and you have shut down all unnecessary apps, the battery may be bad. If you have a spare battery, try switching to the spare battery to isolate the problem to the battery. See the guide for changing the battery.

Bad Charging/Data Connector

If you do not see indications of the battery charging when the AC adapter is plugged in, and you have verified the AC adapter functioning using another device, the charging/data connector may be broken and need replacement.

Touch screen is unresponsive

Your display is on but does not respond

Screen is Dirty

Use screen cleaner to clean your screen and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Make sure your screen is dry and oil free.

Device is Frozen

Restart your device by powering it off and turning it on again (You may need to force a restart by holding down the power button for at least 8 seconds).

The Connection between Screen and Motherboard is Bad

Open your tablet carefully, and check if every wires between the screen and motherboard well-connected.

Screen is Damaged

If the problem still persists despite your attempts to resolve it, it is likely the screen is damage and will need to be replaced.

Tablet Locks up or freezes

Phone performance is slower than normal

Too Many Apps Running at the Same Time

Device might be trying to run multiple apps at the same time. Try closing out of the apps you are not using, or restart your device.

Device Needs Restarting

Restart your device by powering it off and turning it on again (You may need to force a restart by holding down the power button for at least 8 seconds).

Not Enough Storage Space

You might be running out of storage space. Try uninstalling unused apps or deleting old messages.

Audio does not function properly

Audio playback from tablet or headphones is muted or distorted

Before You Proceed

Check to confirm that there is nothing obstructing the speaker or headphone openings and that the headphone jack is plugged in correctly if applicable. Confirm that the volume is turned up and not muted. If the problem persists, one of the below causes may be responsible.

Faulty Headphones/Speaker

Test the audio using both headphones and speakers. Also test the headphones using another device if applicable. If the audio problem persists and cannot be attributed to a specific playback method, it may be a problem with the audio jack or tablet software. Failing that, you may need to replace the speaker.

Faulty/Loose Audio Port

If your headphones are only distorted/muted when using this device, a faulty or loose audio jack port may be the cause and require replacement.

Software Issue

First attempt to reboot the tablet by powering it off and and on again. If the problem still persists you may need to perform a factory reset via the tablet settings.

Every time i power the device on, the system automatically go to power off. Ive searched in youtube for solutions but there are none. please help

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