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HP Pavilion G60 - 235DX Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the HP Pavilion G60-235DX.

Display is Not Showing

Your computer is turned on, but the monitor is not showing up anything.

Display in Projector Mode

Your display might be turned off because it is in projector mode, and you accidentally chose external screen only. To turn the projector mode, simply look for the Fn button located at the bottom left of the keyboard and press F4 once. Then, the screen will be back.

Faulty Back Light

The computer's back light might be faulty. Consider replacing the screen of the computer using this guide.

Webcam is Not Working

Your webcam does not correctly display an image or react with an internal microphone.

Webcam Does Not Display Image

If your webcam does not display an image or merely displays a blank screen when working with a specific program, such as YouCam, you may have to update your system to Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or later. While connected to the Internet, click Start at the bottom left side of your screen and type windows update until you can select Windows Update from the list of results. On the Windows Update screen, select Check for updates. When prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install necessary updates. You may have to restart your computer and repeat this process until the latest service pack and updates are installed.

Webcam Displays Poor Quality

If your webcam does not display an image that represents the best quality achievable from the HP Pavilion G60 - 235DX, then you may have to edit the YouCam settings to improve the image quality. Click Start on the bottom left side of your screen and type youcam until you can select YouCam from the list of results. The webcam feed should be immediately visible when launching the program. If it is not visible, refer to the above troubleshooting guide titled Webcam Does No Display Image. If the webcam feed is visible, you can continue on to the next step by selecting the Configure icon. Under Video, you can now select the desired capture quality setting: Good, Better, or Best.

Microphone Readings are Inaudible

To improve the microphone readings on YouCam, you may need to change the microphone boost level. Click "Start" on the bottom left side of your screen and select Control Panel, followed by Hardware, and finally, Sound. Under Sound, select Manage Audio Devices and click on the Recording tab. Under Microphone, click on Properties followed by the Levels tab. Here, you will finally be able to adjust the microphone to the desired level and continue using the program.

Webcam Image is Distorted

If the webcam image appears distorted, spotted, or fuzzy, then you may need to clean your internal webcam. Gently rub the webcam with a soft, non-abrasive cloth such as a micro fiber screen dusting cloth. If the problem still persists, consider purchasing an external webcam to connect to your laptop.

Power Won't Turn On

Your computer does not properly boot or will not charge with the power jack.

Computer Does not Properly Boot

If your computer is not properly turning on, you may have to perform a hard reset. Perform a hard reset by first turning off the computer and disconnecting it from any ports, docking stations, drivers, displays, and printers. Unplug the AC adapter from the computer and turn it over to remove its removable battery from its compartment on the back side of the computer. After removing the battery, press an hold the power button for 15 seconds and the reinsert the battery into its compartment. Reconnect the AC adapter and power on the computer. When the startup menu opens, select Start Windows Normally and run the Windows Update to update all device drivers and begin to normally use your computer.

Power Jack is Broken

If the power jack on your computer is broken and your pc will not charge when plugging in the AC adapter, consider replacing the power jack.

Device is Overheating

The computer is getting hot and is not able to cool itself off efficiently.

If you are experiencing this problem it could just be due to dirty fans and heatsink. For this computer you can just open it up and clean the fans off as well as the heatsink. Also, make sure that the ports and vents are clear. If this is not the case open up the task manager and check to see what the computer is running causing the most CPU usage. If one task is running too much you can have the computer check itself and reset to default which may also solve the problem.

Touchpad is Not Working

The laptop is not responding to the use of you directing the mouse via the touchpad.

In this case the best way to diagnose the problem is to hook up a wireless mouse. If the mouse works and the cursor is moving then the touchpad is not. Therefore, check to make sure you have not hit the toggle button to turn off the touchpad. To turn the toggle button off, go to the Control Panel. Find Mouse and click it. Find Device Setting tab and find button that enables the touchpad. If you check it, it will work. If the touchpad is not working, then it may be time to take the laptop into HP for repair.

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