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HP Pavilion G7-2235DX Troubleshooting

Released in 2012, this laptop operates using Windows 8.

Frozen Screen

The screen freezes and will not respond to any commands.

Check to make sure the device has not overheated. If it has, make sure all vents are unblocked and allow the computer to cool down. If the unit has not overheated, press and hold the power button until the system shuts itself down. Upon restarting the computer, check for any new driver installs in order to keep your system up to date.

Cannot connect to the internet

The device cannot connect to the internet and prompts the user to run an internet configuration program.

Check to make sure there is an available internet source within the area. If there is, use the HP Support Assistant that came with the computer. Next, make sure the correct drivers are installed for the internet connection. If this does not work, reset your hardware.

Battery will not hold charge

The device loses its charge quickly when disconnected from a power source.

Check to make sure the laptop is charging completely when connected to a power source. If it continues to lose battery power quickly, check to make sure your power cord is not faulty. If the cord is not at fault, it may be time to order a replacement battery.

Laptop turns off

The laptop randomly turns off when it is being used.

Check to make sure the fan is running properly. Assure there is no blockage keeping the fan from cooling the machine. Often, a computer will shut itself down to protect itself from damage due to overheating.

Laptop will not turn on

The device is charged, but still will not turn on.

Take the battery out of the machine and unplug the laptop from the external power source. After doing so, hold the power button down for three to five minutes. Plug everything back in and replace the battery, check to see if the machine will power on.

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