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HP Pavillion ZD7000 Troubleshooting

Discontinued model from HP Weight: 9.2 pounds (Heavy / Bulky) Screen resolution: varies (15.4 inches - 17 inches) *BrightView WideScreen Keyboard: Full (With separate numeric keypad) Battery: 12-cell (Lasts 2 hours) (Unchangeable) Ports: 4x USB 2.0; four-pin FireWire; S-Video; 2x flash memory slots; Type II/Type III PC Card Slot Flash Memory Slots Support: Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard, Memory Stick, and SmartMedia Heat: Extremely Hot Processor: Pentium 4 3.2GHz - HT Technology Graphics Card: Nvidia AGP 8X GeForce FX Go5700 / 64MB DDR

Note: This guide may offer solutions to similar HP models including, but not limited to, the Pavillion Series.

In general

For many hardware problems, if you laptop can turn on, an error message will probably be displayed.

Note 1: Sometimes, hardware can be disabled (i.e. fans.) Go to system controls and check to see that the hardware you think is defective is in fact turned on.

Note 2: More often than not, the problem is software related rather than hardware. As a result, make sure you run constant virus and spyware protection. Most importantly, make sure you have the most up-to-date drivers. Otherwise, your hardware will not be recognized by your laptop.

Laptop won't turn on

If you Laptop won't turn on at all, the problem is either related to its power source or your motherboard.

Battery Problems

More likely than not, if nothing happens when you try and turn your laptop on, your battery is the source of the problem. First make sure that your computer is plugged in. If the problem persists, then your only option would be to replace the battery (An option not available for the Pavillion ZD7000).

Note 1: Laptops will run on power cable alone; no need for battery when plugged in.

Note 2: If the laptop is successfully connected to an energy source, the battery light will be turned on.

Note 3: If the input voltage for the power supply does not match the correct setting for your country, your computer may not power on at all.

To remove the battery, slide the specified tab all the way to the right and the battery will pop out as demonstrated here: Removing Battery


If you're confident that your wall power, power supply, and power button are working, it's likely that there is a problem with your PC's motherboard and it should be replaced.

Note1: Replacing a motherboard is both expensive and time consuming. Make sure that the problem isn't your battery supply first.

Note2: The motherboard is completely attached to the frame of the ZD7000. At this point, it is both faster and cheaper to get a new laptop entirely. However, if you are brave enough, you can: Replace the Motherboard

Displayed Problems

The good thing about these messages is that your screen will display what region is at fault. From there diagnosing the specific piece of hardware or software at fault is much easier than it would be otherwise.

Laptop turns on temporarily but turns off soon after

Check the Troubleshooting guide for 'Battery Problems' first as a faulty connection is the most probable cause.

Otherwise, it is possible that some internal components are slighlty misplaced. To fix this, simply open your laptop and reseat the components. Also, remove any excessive dust to limit overheating in case that is an issue.

Note: Re-seating components without caution might produce more problems than solutions. Make sure you've exhausted other possible problems before attempting this.

Note: When taking apart a device such as a laptop, keeping track of screws is essential. Laptops are very fragile pieces of equipment and utilize many screws to make sure nothing falls or becomes unaligned - so be sure you keep good track of which screws go where!

Bad Operating System

If your drivers are at fault or a section of your memory is corrupt, but your hardware is intact, you can boot off an OS disk and attempt a recovery/repair. If this does not work, try saving as much of your data as you can and then reformatting your drive to do a clean install of the specified OS.

Constant Blue Screen of Death

You probably have a random access memory (RAM) problem.

Note: Make sure you note the message and numbers displayed. Searching for these on Microsoft's site will give you a more accurate/specific assessment of your problem.

Try replacing your RAM with another stick, if this solves your problem, then you will have to buy new memory. On the plus side, RAM is very cheap and you may even boost your computer's power if you choose to upgrade.

Replacing RAM

RAM is very specific to the computer you are using. Checking online will give you an accurate list of compatible types. Otherwise, take out one of your memory sticks (they are about 4 inches in length) and bring them to a store to find matching types.

Note: Don't be afraid to use some force. RAM is particularly frustrating to put in and take out so if you're struggling, it's normal. Just make sure not to over do it or push sideways as that may break hardware that costs much more to replace. For detailed steps, go to: Replacing RAM

Unable to save or load files

Your drive is probably at cause for this error and will need to be replaced. It is possible that your drive's defect is due to a virus or some corrupt sectors; so take it to a store and make a backup of your files and reformat your drive. With luck, this will solve your problem. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new one.

Note: New drives are fairly cheap and are getting bigger and faster every year. But don't forget, not all drives are compatible.

Replacing Hard Drive

To remove the hard drive, you need to gain access to the Motherboard: Motherboard Removal

From there, simply slide out the Hard Drive and replace it as needed.


This problem is unavoidable with this laptop. However there are ways to limit overheating.

Tip 1: Try to place on a flat surface. Placing this laptop on surfaces like towels or blankets is just begging for overheating.

Tip 2: Get a cooling platform for your laptop. Not only are these cheap, but they will help prevent overheating as well as providing height adjustability.

Tip 3: Avoid leaving your laptop on for extended periods of time. Not only will this provide unnecessary heating, but your battery life will be shortened and your computer will be slower than if it had time to rest.

Tip 4: Running unnecessary software in the background will cause stress on your laptop for no reason. Try to avoid.

Speakers are not working

First, make sure that your system volume is not set to zero or muted.

Second, check to see if your hardware is both recognized and enabled.

Third, if the problem just started occurring, try doing a system restore. This will put your computer to a prior state back when your sound was working.

If these three steps don't solve your problem, your problem is most likely hardware related.

Replacing Speakers



Use a soft damp cloth and avoid scratchy or abrasive fabrics. Don't use harsh cleaning products and never spray any cleaning solution directly onto the casing. (Spray on cloth first)

Cooling Vents

Use a can of compressed air to clean the cooling vents but avoid spraying too hard or too close. Use cotton swabs to hold fans in place while you clean them.

I/O Ports

Use cotton swabs to wipe away large pieces of dirt that have accumulated. Compressed air can be used as well to blow the dirt away.


Same as for the exterior, use a soft damp cloth and turn off you computer before cleaning. Many stores offer cleaning solutions or pre-moistened cloths that work very well.


Compressed Air is a good first step to cleaning loose particles.

CAUTION: The keys for this laptop are NOT to be removed.

Rather, use a cotton swab.

Fans aren't working

More likely than not, they are. The way you sense heat and your computer senses it is different. For some laptops, fans will only turn on when the INTERNAL temperature exceeds the specified setting. As a result, it may seem that they are not functioning when in fact, they are okay.

If you are sure that they aren't working, simply replace the fan by following these instructions: Removing Fans

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