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The hand held monitor will not turn on when the power chord is connected.

Ensure that the battery is inserted into the back of the hand held monitor.

Ensure that the hand held monitor is fully charged before removing the power chord.

Remove the battery and replace, ensuring that the side with the connections is inserted first, then press the opposite side into the battery cradle.

Check to verify that the chord is working properly by using the power chord from the camera unit. If camera unit power chord charges the hand held a new chord is required for the hand held.

Ensure that the outlet is active by checking breakers and switches that control the AC outlet or use a different AC outlet.

The hand held monitor displays the “Out of signal coverage” message.

Return to within the devices 150 foot range.

When both camera unit and hand held monitor are on the same floor the antenna should be upright, if not on the same floor then the camera unit’s antenna should lay flat with the floor.

Change locations to minimize the number of obstructions between the hand held monitor and the camera unit.

Turn off the camera unit and hand held monitor, unplug the local router, wait 30 seconds, turn on the camera unit and hand held monitor, wait 10 seconds, plug the router back in.

The camera does not stay pointed at one spot.

Place the camera on a surface that will not be affected by the normal motions of the baby or devices such as a mobile.

Fix the camera in position with the set screws when wall mounted or to the upright stand when placed on a level and steady surface.

The screen on the camera shows a steady non-moving picture rather than the live feed.

Restart both the camera unit and hand held monitor by powering off then unplugging and plugging back in and powering on.

When powered on the hand held monitor only shows a blank blue screen.

Power on the camera unit.

Change the channel on the hand held unit by pressing the pairing button once then waiting 10 seconds. Repeat three times to cycle through all four of the channels until the active camera is found.

Moniter screen is black, but I can see from power indicator light that unit is on and I can hear the noise from bedroom that camera is in. Have tried restarting monitor, removing battery and plugging into power source.

Julia Gessner - Antwort

This is what's happening to my unit. Nothing I do fixes it, it just randomly cut off in the middle of the night a couple days ago. Please post a fix if you find something that works. Thanx!!

erin00doherty -

Have you gotten any response for fixing this issue? We had the same black screen image appearance and then it suddenly started going in and out automatically on brightness-- flashing in and out without any good view. Any thoughts?

jessicalynn444 -

Monitor it's super bright sometimes even with the brightness down at the lowest setting. Tried two different camera

Terry Bectel - Antwort

My screen unit has black lines going through screen. I've tried powering on and off but it is not helping. What can I do?

Crystal Reeves - Antwort

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