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Insignia Flex 8 NS-P16AT08 Troubleshooting

Released October 2012, identified by model number NS-P16AT08. This device is no longer being manufactured.

I am unable to get a good connection to wifi.

To connect to a network, tap APPS, Settings then Wifi. Tap the slider to turn on Wifi. Your tablet will automatically scan for available networks.

Make sure you are near a Wifi network. You can check this by scanning for available networks.

This device uses a WEP connection instead of a WPA connection. Check out the links for more information about the different connections.

Click HERE to learn how to change from a WPA Connection to a WEP Connection or follow the instruction manual for your router.

If none of these solutions work, you have a bad antenna.

My pictures are blurry and unfocused.

Use a SMALL amount of alcohol-liquid based lens cleaner and a Q-Tip cotton swab cleaning in a circular motion.

To check for updates, tap APPS, Settings and About Tablet. Next, tap Update, then Check update. If an update is available, your tablet displays the update version information. Follow the on-screen instructions to install.

WARNING: Back up personal data before updating tablet. Updates may delete your data.

If your pictures are still low quality, there is a possibility your lens is cracked. You will need to replace your lens.

The volume is fuzzy, too quiet or not working.

The master volume control may be set low or on mute. Tap APPS, Settings, then Sound and Notification. Use the available options to adjust the volume of your tablet.

Check the volume of the app you are currently using. Access this by tapping the Settings button in your APP.

Dirt may be clogging the speakers grills. You can clean the grill by applying liquid based rubbing alcohol with a Q-Tip, cleaning in a circular motion.

Replace speakers using this guide if you continue to have issues.

My screen responds slowly, inconsistently, or not at all.

Memory issues can lead to slow responses from your screen. To check amount of storage space, tap APPS, Settings and then APPS. Tap the APP that has data you want to clear. Tap Clear Cache or Clear Data then tap OK to clear data. This frees up memory and your screen should begin responding quickly.

Sometimes software glitches and causes your screen to freeze. Press and hold the power button until Power Off opens on the screen. Tap Power off. Insert a paper clip or pin into the reset hole (located between Micro USB Port and the Micro SD Card slot). Turn your tablet on again.

Note: This does not affect your stored data or customized settings.

If your screen continues to be unresponsive, check out our guide to help you replace it.

My tablet does not hold its charge for very long.

Having too many APPS running at once may slower or shorten battery life. Close APPS you are not using to improve your device's performance. On the home screen, tap Recents. This brings up a list of the most recently used or currently running APPS. To see more APPS, swipe up or down. To close an APP, drag the app screen left, right or tap the X in the upper right corner.

Your tablet could not be fully charging. Make sure you are connected to a source of power and that your power adapter is secured to the device.

If you have charged your tablet fully and are continuing to have issues, your device may have a damaged battery. Check out this guide to help you replace it.

my battery will not charge and now it is flat

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