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Insignia Flex 8 Troubleshooting

This is a Troubleshooting page for the Insignia Flex 8. It is no longer being manufactured.

The tablet does not stay on very long

If the tablet turns off shortly after you unplug it, it is likely that the battery is the problem. Let it charge for several hours until the battery is full. The tablet may work better on a full charge. If that does not work then it is likely the battery may need to be replaced. See this guide to replace the battery: Battery Replacement.

My camera is not turning on or it is but the pictures and videos come out blurry.

It is possible that pictures are coming out blurry because there is something on the lens messing up the pictures. Check the tablet’s camera for dirt and clean the lens with windex or a similar glass cleaner.

If the camera still does not function properly after cleaning, check you camera settings and ensure they are what you want. If the camera still does not work, use the Camera Replacement to replace the camera.

The volume on my tablet does not get as loud as I want it too.

If you cannot turn up the volume because the button is stuck then the problem is likely with the volume rocker and not the speakers. Remove the back casing and check to see if there is anything lodged near the volume rocker.

If the volume rocker is functional then it is likely that there is a problem with the speakers. It is possible something inside the tablet is blocking the sound from leaving the speakers. The tablet will need to be taken apart so you can clean the speakers from the inside.

Should the speakers still not work use the Speakers Replacementguide to repair the speaker unit.

I dropped my tablet and now there is a big crack across the screen.

If there is a crack in the screen then it needs to be replaced. It is possible that the tablet will stop being able to sense touch and will cause it to no longer function properly. Use the Screen Replacement to remove the broken screen and install a new one.

I cannot get a good connection on my tablet.

It is possible that the tablet is unable to connect to WIFI because it is not near a hot spot. Make sure you are actually connected to a WIFI network.

If the tablet is not able to get strong connections to WIFI or is unable to hold a signal, the antenna may need to be replaced. Use the Antenna Replacement to repair the wi-fi antenna.

My Flex 8 was doing a factory update from JELLYBEAN to KITKAT and when it automatically rebooted, it went to the screen with the "Android in distress" on its back with the words beneath it "No Command". I tried everything to get it to load in Safe Mode, but no luck. I called Insignia about this issue since the update came from them and since I didn't have it correctly hooked up to a service provider within any part of the one {1} Year warranty that I was to take it in to "GEEK SQUAD"! Now why should I have to pay for Insignia's mistake? I mean I already paid for the tablet, I shouldn't have to pay for anything. I need the Jelly Bean operating system for this tablet. does anyone know where I may get such a thing and reinstall it through micro SD?

Jeff - Antwort

My Insignia 10 inch tablet will not react to touch for any app

iceangel02747 - Antwort

I just bought a NS-P10A6100 and have the same trouble. It boots up fine, screen rotation is working, power button works properly, volume button is working. Having said all of that, the tablet does not respond to any touches or swipes. I cannot even begin the tablet setup ("Select your language") because of this. I am suspicious of the screen protector that is factory installed, but I don't want to peel that off and then not have the screen protected. Any ideas?

j1mmyr1chter -

I bought an insignia 8 inch just before leaving for Europe the thing is crap ! It won't connect to the Internet in any apartment I have rented! My iPhone connects instantly but the tablet does not. Clearly it is this poor quality tablet not the servers. What an incredible waste of money Thankfully we have the iPhone. Best buy will get an earful when I get back to Canada!

meaker - Antwort

I can't connect to wifi. It says “authentication problem”. My computer and phone connect.

Nancy Borden - Antwort

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