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Insignia NS-B4111 Troubleshooting

Device Won’t Turn On ¶ 

The screen doesn’t turn on and there is no sound coming out of the speakers.

Power Cord is Unplugged ¶ 

Though it may seem obvious, make sure that the power cable is fully plugged into the device and the electrical socket. If it still doesn't turn on, the cable may be damaged.

Dead Batteries ¶ 

The batteries may need to be replaced. Make sure you don’t mix old and new batteries! Also be sure to put the batteries in the configuration shown in the manual. Note that this boombox doesn't use the batteries when the power cord is plugged in.

Power Switch is Off ¶ 

It is possible that the machine is switched off. Check the switch located on the right side of the device labeled “Power” and switch it to the “on” position.

Damaged Motherboard ¶ 

The motherboard that controls the device may be damaged. See the motherboard replacement guide.

Damaged On/Off Switch ¶ 

The On/Off switch may not be connected to the motherboard. Follow the steps in the motherboard replacement guide to access the motherboard.

Radio Lacks Reception ¶ 

When you try to use the radio, static or no sound is heard.

Radio is Out of Tune ¶ 

Your current location may not have reception. Try moving to a different location for better reception.

The radio may be tuned to a station that doesn’t exist. Try switching to a different station by rotating the radio tuner on the right side of the device.

Broken Antenna ¶ 

Your device’s antenna may be broken. To replace the antenna refer to the antenna replacement guide.

No Sound/Distorted Sound from Speakers ¶ 

Static, garbled sound, or no sound is coming from the speakers.

Volume is Too Low ¶ 

The radio may be working fine, but the volume may be set too low for you to hear your favorite station. Turn the the volume dial on the left side counterclockwise to increase the volume.

Earphones are Plugged In ¶ 

Your earphones may be plugged into the device, causing the sound to be played from the earphones. Make sure to remove the earphones from the audio jack.

Damaged CD ¶ 

You may have a faulty CD. Try playing another CD to see if the problem persists.

Wrong CD Format ¶ 

Check if your CD is in CD, CD-R, or CD-RW format. Other formats will not play on this device.

Broken Speakers ¶ 

Your device’s speakers may be broken. To replace the speaker refer to the speaker replacement guide.

Speaker Has Water Damage ¶ 

The speakers may have water damage or other minor damage that render them unusable. To replace the speaker, refer to the speaker replacement guide.

LCD Display is Unreadable ¶ 

There are graphical glitches. Certain parts of the display fail to turn on or are ghostlike.

Batteries are Dead ¶ 

The batteries may be too low to power the display. Refer to the battery replacement guide.

Bad Connection to Switchboard ¶ 

This could indicate a bad connection to the switchboard. You may need to clean the contact points on the board or just replace the board. Refer to the switchboard replacement guide.

Buttons aren’t Working ¶ 

Nothing happens when you press the buttons on the front panel.

Jammed Buttons ¶ 

The switches inside the buttons may be misaligned, need to be cleaned, or are broken. Refer to the switchboard replacement guide to access or replace the buttons.

Broken Buttons ¶ 

If the buttons are physically damaged, replace the buttons using the switchboard replacement guide.

LCD light is on and device is unplugged with no batteries. Won't power on when plugged in. Resolution: leave unplugged until LCD fades. Plug in.

demurphey - Antwort

Speakers work about half the time and it's only one that plays any sound. Only about a month old. I bought for my barn and it's a $30 piece of junk. I wont buy insignia products if I had to…

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