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Insignia NS-HDRAD Troubleshooting

The black portable tabletop HD radio by Insignia. Model No. NS-HDRAD

Radio does not respond to the touch and displays the "no battery" icon.

If having issues with turning on the radio, the radio is most likely to be out of power. Please first making sure the power cord is plugged into an outlet and the other end of the cord is inserted into the radio. However, if using batteries, make sure the batteries are not dead and they are facing the correct directions. For more information on changing the batteries please refers to this specific repair guide.

No noticeable sound coming out from the radio but the screen says its playing.

If the volume is too low, you might not be able to hear anything, so please increase the volume by pressing the plus button next to “volume.”

If using external devices of any sorts, please make sure to turn the radio into AUX mode and keep turn on the external devices. Since the external device is where the sound comes out, please make sure the external device is neither muted or on very low volume. If so, turn the volume on or up according to the directions for each device.

Cannot use the radio function of the devices.

When listening to the radio, please change the mode from AUX to FM by pressing the FM button. If the source mode is not changed, there will be no signals for radio.

While using the radio function of the devices, cannot listen to the radio clearly

When using the radio function of this device, it is very important that the antenna is working properly for your best radio experience. Make sure the antenna is pointing upward to maximize the received signals, and if the antenna is broken or collapsed, please see this specific repair guide for how to change the antenna step by step.

Metallic object will interrupt the radio signal, so please put the device away from metallic devices and other electrical object to enhance your radio experience.

When connecting to an external devices, it stops responding to the radio buttons.

This radio is not eligible on controlling the external device, so if having an external devices plugged in, control the music and other functions according to the direction for each device.

Plug in radio only wants to go to cd no fm. Just to cd why??

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