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JVC troubleshoot


Power is not supplied

  • Make sure the power cable is connected properly to the camcorder and the AC adaptor is securely connected to the outlet. If no power is supplied, check to see if the battery pack is firmly attached to the camcorder. If power still isn't supplied, consider replacing the old battery pack with a new battery.

Video Recording

Video Recording cannot be performed

  • Check the the tape's protection tab. If the tab is set to "SAVE", switch the erase protection tab to "REC".
  • If the "TAPE END" appears, replace the full tape with a new tape.

Time and Date

  • Check the settings to see, if time/date is set up "ON"

Digital Zoom

  • If digital zoom does not work, check the zoom settings. If zoom is set to 25x, change it to 100x or 800x
  • Check the memory/video. If it is set to "VIDEO", switch it to "MEMORY"


No picture

  • Check if the TV is on the correct channel or mode for video playback through the AV input.
  • Make sure the cassette cover is closed.

Bluescreen or video noise

  • Clean the cassette recording heads with a cassette cleaner that can be purchased here

Advanced Features

No focus

  • Set focus mode from manual to auto
  • Check if lens is clean.

Image Too Dark

  • If there is backlight, press "BACK LIGHT"

Image Too Bright

  • If subject is too bright, press "SPOT LIGHT"

Other Problems

Charge Indicator Does Not Show

  • Charging in extreme temperatures can be difficult. Charge in places with 10C to 35C.
  • Check if the battery is attached firmly. You can try detaching and reattaching the battery pack.

Files cannot be deleted from memory card

  • Remove the memory protection from files then you can delete them

Cassette Tape Does Not Load

  • Check the level of battery power. Load a fully charged battery into the camcorder.

No Picture on the LCD Screen

  • Make sure that the viewfinder is pushed in and priority is set to LCD.
  • Check the LCD's brightness level, and adjust accordingly.

What does it mean when it says condensation operation paused

ddlaughlin111326 - Antwort

Could someone please tell me how to fix the charge pins that , are bent inside my camera ?? Can I take apart or WHAT PLEASE HELP

LUKE - Antwort

I need help on how to fix bent charge pins inside my JVC 32x Camera ??? PLEASE HELP

LUKE - Antwort

Did someone know what I can do my mini camera Slinding LCD monitor 800 digital zoom. Show E06 I did take out the battery wait 2 minutes put back still the same .What we be other this I can do

Ninon Beauchamp - Antwort

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