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I hear crackling noises, or the sound coming from the device isn't clear.

Bluetooth is a radio technology that is sensitive to objects between the Jabra Speak 510 and the connected device. Ensure the Jabra Speak 510 and the connected device are within range (up to 100 meters or 300 feet) and there are no obstacles blocking the bluetooth connection.

There might be some dust particles in the speaker, so you will need to clean the front plate of the device. If the sound distortion continues, open the device and take the speaker out to clean the actual speaker more intricately. (See Guide)

Open the device and make sure that all of the wires between the speaker and the motherboard are connected. (See Guide) for accessing motherboard. Also, make sure that there is no fraying of the wires. If the wires are disconnected, simply reconnect them if possible. Otherwise, the wires will need to be replaced.

The device is on, but there is no sound coming from the speaker.

Increase the volume by turning up by pressing the "+". The volume level is indicated by the white lights around the speaker.

Make sure that the Jabra Speak 510 is connected to another device.

Open the device and check to make sure all of the wires that run from the speaker to the motherboard are connected and not frayed. (See Guide) for accessing the motherboard.

The magnet on the speaker may need to be replaced, so you will need to open up the device and take out the speaker to check the magnet’s condition. (See Guide) for accessing the motherboard.

I am having trouble connecting the Jabra Speak 510 to another device via Bluetooth

Check your mobile device’s Bluetooth menu and delete/forget the Jabra Speak 510. Re-connect the Jabra Speak 510 to your Bluetooth device. If not using Bluetooth, make sure your device recognizing the Jabra Speak 510 through USB.

The Bluetooth module of the device may be malfunctioning, which means a motherboard replacement may be necessary.(See Guide)

The device doesn't show any signs of life or power

The device may need to be charged via USB. If that doesn't work, the battery needs to be replaced. (See Guide)

The battery could be drained of all life and will not respond to the charger at all. In this case, a replacement may be necessary. (See Guide)

The battery might have become disconnected from the device. You will need to open the device and remove the motherboard to see if the battery is properly secured. (See Guide)

The power button might not be connected to the motherboard anymore. In this case, you will need to open the device and reconnect it to the motherboard. (See Guide) for accessing the motherboard.

The charging cable may be frayed, which would require you to purchase a new device. The charging cable is attached and cannot be replaced.

The USB head of the charger may be bent out of shape or bad. You can attempt to bend it back. Otherwise the motherboard may be bad, and need replaced. (See Guide)

One or more of the lights is not lighting up

The lights may not respond because the battery is dead. In this case, the device just needs to be charged. If that doesn't work, the battery needs to be replaced. (See Guide)

One of the bulbs might be out. Open the device to replace the motherboard with a new, functioning one. (See Guide)

will my jabra pick up my phone if my phone is either dead or turned off? ( I lost my phone and was hoping the jabra could help me find it!)

Pat - Antwort

Is the referenced Guide available somewhere? Thanks!

Lori Stapleton - Antwort

Is there a way to prevent my Jabra from automatically turning off? I have it hooked up to a wall and want to have it on all the time. Thanks.

Rob - Antwort

My Jabra direct firmware update on Jabra 510 failed. Prior to update my Jabra 510 kept showing USB power surge in any Windows machine I connected.

Now my Jabra 510 is dead and switch on and the lights blinks and goes back to power off mode.


Sivakumar Balasubramanian - Antwort

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