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" The device will not show any sign or response. This problem is mainly occurs because of two reasons:''

If this is the problem, you will need to replace the dead batteries with one ones.

''If the you replace the batteries and the problem continues, then it is most likely that the On/Off switch is broken or not working properly. Then you will need to replace the switch"

" This problem occurs when you start loosing the coverage which results in miscommunication. The common causes are:''

If you or your partner leave the 2 miles range, you will start loosing the coverage.

Another reason of loosing the coverage is Antenna. If you are within the 2 mile range and there is not enough coverage, then this might be a problem with the Antenna. Try to replace the Antenna to get better coverage.

Sometimes the problem is because the press-to-speak button. Try to replace it and see if this problem is gone.

" When you are using the device, you would start hearing static noise coming out of the speaker. This problem commonly happen because of two reasons''

The only way to get red of the noise if there is interference with radios, you must change the channel to another one.

If you hear noise and you know that there is no interference with radios, the problem is most likely is from the speaker. Replace the speaker and check if the problem is gone.

For more information regarding common troubleshooting issues, please visit [Common Issues]

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