The XQ-673H is nonfunctional after setting the switch to ON.

Check if the power cord is properly plugged into the power outlet. If it is unplugged, plug the power cord into a nearby power outlet and make sure the unit is in the correct position.

Check if other appliances in the area are functional. If none are working, you may have a power outage in your local area. Contact electric company for verification.

Make sure there are no tears, cuts or damaged wire strands throughout the power cord. If the power cord is damaged consult the replacement guide.

Make sure the switch is in the on position. If the switch is still not working, consult the replacement guide.

Water is leaking from the unit and onto the immediate area.

Too much water has been poured into the unit and may be overflowing. Monitor the water filling station and make sure the water line is visable and not to pour over the stated amount. This will prevent water from overflowing from the unit.

The water tubes inside the unit and is allowing water to escape from the inside. Slow brewing may occur or stop completely from this issue. To fix this issue, the internal water tubes must be replaced, consult the internal water tube replacement guide.

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