Kodak S100 EF Troubleshooting

Check the picture count on the top of the camera. If the picture count has maxed out, the film needs to be replaced. Refer to the repair guides for help replacing the film.

The problem may also be the shutter. When you take a picture, look into the shutter to see if it is opening or not. If the shutter does not open, it may need to be replaced.

If the button presses, but the camera does not take a picture, you need to turn the scroll wheel. It is located on the top right on the back of the camera.

On the front of the camera there is a lens cover that slides open. This cover needs to be open when taking pictures.

Your camera lens may be dirty. Wipe it clean with any soft cloth, but make sure it is clean. If lens is cleaned, but problem persists, lens may need to be changed.

If the flash is not working, there could be three issues. First, check to make sure there are batteries in the camera. Refer to the repair guides for a guide on how to change the batteries. Secondly, make sure that the flash is turned on. The switch to turn the flash on is on the front of the camera. The third problem may be the flash bulb. The bulb may need to be replaced. Refer to the repair guides for a guide on replacing the bulb. The capacitor may also be broken, refer to the repair guide for fixing this.

In order to ensure clear pictures you must hold the camera still while taking the picture.

It is uncommon, but sometimes there are defects in the film that may cause the pictures to be blurry.

Open the lens cover and wipe clean the lens. Make sure to use cloths that are specifically for lens cleaning in order to insure that you do not scratch the lens.

If the count did not get reset when the film was replaced, you must rewind the wheel manually. Refer to the repair guides for help doing this.

If there is a crack or line in the viewfinder, you will need to replace the viewfinder. The viewfinder is not necessary for normal camera use and will not affect the quality of the pictures.

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