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No matter what you do, you can't get your Kurio Touch to turn on.

If your Kurio Touch won't turn on, or turns on while it is charging it could be due to a defective battery. For help on how to replace it click here

Before taking apart on your device, try to make sure that the battery is charged.

It is possible that it nothing appears on the screen because the LCD is broken. If you can hear your Thrive operating (while charging or without), but nothing is happening, it is possible the LCD needs to be replaced.

You can't get your Kurio Touch to hold a charge.

If your Kurio doesn't charge, the reason could be because the battery is bad. Attempt to replace your battery before trying to take your Thrive apart.

If you plug in your Kurio and it does not turn on or charge, it's could be that your charger cord is not working properly. Attempt to use the cord on another device to make sure whether it is working or not.

If you plug in your Kurio and it does not turn on or charge, it's possible that your charger port has something stuck in it or broken. Attempt to remove whatever may be blocking the port from functioning. If there is nothing in the port, it may have to be replaced. Attempt to look on the step-by-step instructions here.

Your screen produces distorted images is cracked, or doesn't come on

If the LCD is still producing distorted images or doesn't come on it should be replaced.

If the touch screen of your Kurio is cracked, the glass cover needs to be replaced. For instructions, click here.

Attempt to plug in the device to a power source to know that a dead battery isn’t the cause of the problem.

Your camera produces distorted pictures does not take pictures, or won't turn on.

If the camera does not take pictures or do not work, the camera may have to be replaced. For instructions, click here.

Look for dirt or fingerprints on the the camera lenses it should be free of any obstacles.

There is distorted or no sound coming from your device speakers.

The speakers are defective or may have liquid into it that causes it to malfunction. You can get steps to do this here.

Try to make sure that your device is not muted and the speakers are on. Attempt to turn all volumes to the highest possible through your settings. If sound is not there, the speakers may need to be replaced.

How to fix a broken charger port

Loalma Mcthune - Antwort

How to fix my broken charger port

Loalma Mcthune - Antwort

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