LG ENV3 Troubleshooting

released 2009; flip phone made by LG

At random times when in use the phone is known to shut off

Dirty battery contacts

The most likely reason that this problem is occurring is that the battery contacts have become too dirty to conduct electricity through anymore. To fix this simply take out the battery and use a tissue to wipe off the golden battery contacts.

Loose Battery door

If fix 1 does not fix the problem this could mean that the door that holds the battery is too loose and causes the battery to lose contact. An easy fix to this is to fold a piece of paper then wedge it in between the door and battery as to make it a tighter fit.

If there is lag between screen changes or you notice long loading times

Memory almost full

The reason that this phone is running slow is most likely that you are almost out of memory. In the settings you will find your memory storage. If it is close to full than you can either delete some of the data that you no longer need or you can move your data to an SD Card. Freeing up space on your phone should help your phone run faster.

If keyboard on phone has keys missing or you are unable to press in the keys

Objects under keys are causing them to stick

In order to fix keys that cannot be pressed you will first need to open the phone up to the point where the keyboard becomes loose. You may remove any keys that are sticking or remove them all while you already have the keyboard out. Gently clean under the keys and the keys themselves so there is nothing making the keys stick.

Keys are completely missing

If there are some keys completely missing from the keyboard the best course of action is to order a whole new keyboard. You must then open the phone up to take the keyboard out and put in your new one, replacing everything that was taken out in the process.

Whenever there are headphones plugged in, no audio will be output

Broken headphone jack

The most likely reason that this problem is occurring is that the jack itself where the headphones get plugged in is either dirty or broken. To fix this take out all of the screws surrounding the headphone jack. You then are able to remove the headphone jack. At this point if it seems as though it is dirty then you should clean it and try it out again. If it still does not function, you will have to replace the jack with a new one.

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