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Unresponsive Touch Screen ¶ 

My touch screen isn't responding to anything.

The touch screen can become unresponsive due to damage inflicted to the device. The damage can range from knocks and heavy drops, scratches to the screen as well as disconnection between the touch sensor and the motherboard.

Interrupted connection to motherboard ¶ 

The connection to the motherboard could have been damaged or interrupted. To fix a connection or replace a component in the motherboard check out the MotherBoard Repair Guide.

Bad/Damaged Display ¶ 

If the screen has been cracked or damaged, it could cause the touchscreen to be unresponsive. To resolve this issue, check out out Screen Replacement Guide.

Not Charging Properly ¶ 

When the LeapPad Ultra is plugged in it doesn't charge.

This could be caused by a disconnection of the charging port to the battery, as well as a misalignment of the charging ports pins with the charger itself.

Damaged charging port ¶ 

In some cases the charging port receives damage due to aggressive insertions. Other causes could be electric surges when plugged in or dropping the LeapPad. In these cases check out the Charging Port Replacement Guide.

Faulty Charging cord ¶ 

If the LeapPad is charging with other micro USB chargers but doesn't work with the one provided, a new replacement charger can be purchased online.

LeapPad won’t turn on ¶ 

The LeapPad Ultra isn't turning on after the power button is pressed.

For the most part this should only happen when the battery is dead and needs to be recharged. However this could be caused by a damaged battery or a disconnection of the battery due to a drop.

Damaged Battery ¶ 

The battery could have suffered water damage or been subjected to a power surge. If this is the case, a new replacement battery can be ordered online. Then check out the Battery Replacement Guide.

Power button non-responsive ¶ 

If the power button isn't responding to being pressed down, there could be a dirt or other residue buildup beneath the button. To resolve this issue, check out the Button Replacement guide.

Buttons stuck/ unresponsive (Home and Directional) ¶ 

Even when the home button is clicked it doesn't take me to the home screen.

It is possible for any of the buttons to become unresponsive due to a build up of residue preventing the button from being depressed properly. Outside of this however it also possible that the button has been damaged during use and needs to be replaced.

Dirt under keys ¶ 

This issue could stem from dirt or residue build up under these keys causing them to be unresponsive. Check out the Button Replacement Guide to correct this problem.

No Audio/ Distorted Audio ¶ 

The LeapPad Ultra isn't making any noise, or The speaker sounds are muffled.

Residue build-up ¶ 

There could be build up inside the speaker causing it to sound muffled or even stop working. If this is the case, the speaker needs to be replaced. Check out the Speaker Replacement Guide.

Damaged speaker ¶ 

If the LeapPad is dropped numerous times, it could damage the speaker or the connection from speaker. To fix this issue check out the Speaker Replacement Guide.

Low Battery Life ¶ 

Battery life does not last long, even after a full charge.

Poor charging techniques ¶ 

This could be caused from over charging the battery, using the LeapPad while its charging, or charging too frequently. Replace the battery by checking out the Battery Replacement Guide.

Damaged Battery ¶ 

The battery could have suffered water damage or subject to a power surge. If this is the case, order a replacement battery online and check out the Battery Replacement Guide.

where does one buy screens for these??

Marty - Antwort

Leappad 3 is on with red screen and battery symbol won't turn off I have it on charge not fully charged yet

lisadoecke - Antwort

What is this button replacement guide you speak of? I cannot locate.

Kim - Antwort

where is the "Button Replacement Guide"

thealtar - Antwort

Where is the charging port replacement guide? None of these indormation location questions are being answered.

Jessica Ferguson - Antwort

I too am looking for the same solution that would be grately appreciated

Courtney H -

I am looking for the charging port replacement guide

helen -

Mine was working freat, we used to the battery died, then recharged, it lights up white says leap pad on screen then goes blank?????

Matthew M - Antwort

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