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Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 Troubleshooting

The laptop shows no images on screen.

-There will be some signs that will help you decide if the laptop is not powered on. For example, there are three light to the left of the touch pad, if the light farthest to the left is not green it is possible the laptop is not powered. Press the power button to turn the laptop on, if the light still does not come on, please see our ‘Laptop not turning on’ section.

-If you cannot see an image on the screen it could be an issue with brightness. Hold the function key (Fn) and press the up and down arrow keys to check if the brightness is all the way down. The up arrow increases the brightness and the down arrow decreases the brightness.

-If you have tried everything and the screen is still dark and there are any obvious cracks the screen might need to be replaced. Please see our replacement guide on how to replace the guide.

-If there are no visible cracks on your screen then the backlight may be broken.

Pressing the power button does not turn on the device.

-The battery may not be inserted correctly. Remove the battery and re-insert it to ensure it is in securely. If the battery is in correctly and the laptop is still not powering on consider replacing the battery. For a replacement guide, see our replacing battery page.

-If the device is no longer turning on after you have pressed the power button. Then connect the AC adapter to the device via AC port, this is the first port on lower right side of the keyboard .

-When you plug in the AC adapter to the AC port and it does not indicate the device is charging which will be indicated with a first, of the three lights, to the left of the touch pad. If the charger does not work anymore buy a replacement of the same AC adapter.

-If the laptop is overheating, the computer is warmer than usual. This can result in the laptop not being able to turn on. A usual cause of this issue is due to dust inside the device. An easy solution to clean the device of dust, is using a blow dryer on a cool setting, turning the closed laptop over, and gently blowing air through the vent of the laptop.

The keyboard is not functioning the way it is intended to.

-If the keys are not visibly broken, you can easily add pressure to the key and it should click in place.

-If the keys seems to be visibly broken or damaged, this results in the inability of using the keys that are damaged. To replace keys, please see our replacement guide on replacing keyboard keys.

-A sticky key stays in the pressed position after you have released the key. This issue is usually brought on because the keyboard is dirty. Use a hair dryer on a cool setting and blow air into the keyboard to clean any crumbs underneath the keys.

-If blowing air has not fixed the problem, please see our replacement guide to successfully remove the key, clean it, and re-insert the cleaned key.

-If your keyboard is typing in all uppercase, having Caps Lock on can be the cause. The Caps Lock key causes all letters to be capitalized. Press the Caps Lock key to turn this feature off, the key is to the left of the A key and reads Caps Lock.

Issues connecting laptop to internet.

-Wifi connection is indicated to the left of the touch pad. There are three light to the left of the touch pad, if the third light closest to the touch pad to the touch pad is on that means you are connected. If the light is off it means that you are not connected to the internet via wifi.

The hard drive is making noises while device is on.

-If you hear clicking sound this usually comes from the hard drive if there is an issue with it. If this is the case then you should clean the back of the laptop through the vents with a hair dryer on a cool setting will remove dust and help stop the clicking.

-The laptop goes into a cycle of turning off and on. This could also be caused by a dirty area around the hard drive. Using a hair dryer on a cool setting is enough to clean out any dust by the hard drive on the back of the laptop through the vents.

I have a Lenovo S10-2 IdeaPad with a Blue Screen displaying ‘RECOVERY . . . Your PC/Device needs to be repaired. The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors.

File:\Boot\BCD Errorcode: 0xc000014c You’ll need to use recovery tools.IF you don’t have an installations media (USB) device, contact your PC admin or PC/device MFG.

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