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LexiBook Tablet One Troubleshooting

Released December 2013, identified by model number MFC142EN. LexiBook's tablet is aimed at children.

No matter how long you charge your tablet or how many times you attempt to turn it on, it simply will not turn on.

Before you tear apart your tablet, it is important to see if charging is actually taking place. If the tablet is not charging, it can be one of two problems. Either the device has a faulty battery or the charger does not work.

If your tablet is either charging and continually saying low battery, or not charging at all you may have a bad battery. For a guide on how to replace and/or upgrade the battery follow Battery Replacement.

If the charger is not working, there are two options. One, is to go through the manufacturer and ask if they can send you replacement. You may or may not be charged for the replacement. The second option is to go to a local computer store and purchase a Universal DC Power Adapter. Be careful when doing this because you will need to make sure that the voltage of the adapter is the same as the charger that you are replacing.

This tablet's buttons are fairly easy to dislodge and make useless, in order to realign them simply match the button with the correct hole and re-insert it. In doing so make sure that the button is oriented the right way as to not cause damage to the component.

It is also possible the tablet is turning on, but displaying nothing. If the tablet turns on but the screen remains black, you may have a broken screen. For a guide on how to replace the screen follow LCD/Screen Replacement.

The tablet appears to turn on properly but some or all of the functions do not work

If the tablet "turns on" but does not boot to the home screen, and instead displays a blank screen you may have a software problem. If this is the case, it is best to return the tablet to the vendor from whom you purchased it.

Sometimes both during installation and during use an app can crash and render an app "broken" or unusable. If you ever experience an app that cannot open or is frequently crashing, you may want to uninstall the application from the device and then go into the app store and re-download it. If the problem continues to occur contact the manufacturer because it might be a problem with the internal files of the device.

In dealing with software issues, booting to a blank screen, or apps not opening, taking a look at Motherboard Replacement might be helpful.

The screen has been cracked or broken via force or dropping the tablet.

If it is still fully functional and the crack is not bothersome, continue to use your tablet as normal. A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot feel the crack in the screen and it does not cause any issues while using apps then it can still be fully usable.

If the crack in the screen either affects touching device or it can be felt with your finger then tablet screen should be replaced. When the crack is large enough to be felt it is always safer to replace the screen in order to avoid cutting your finger on the glass.

If you need to to replace the tablet's screen refer to LCD/Screen Replacement for a guide on how to replace the screen.

The speaker is crackling or doesn't work.

If the speaker crackles or breaks in and out, the speaker may have shifted inside the case. For a guide showing how to get to the speaker, follow Speaker Replacement.

In the case that the speaker does not work, a wire may have either been displaced from the tablet or the speaker may have stopped working. In order to replace a non-functioning speaker follow Speaker Replacement.

The camera on your tablet is blurry or broken.

The camera is protected by an outer lens which is glued onto the case. Ff this has been scratched or smudged it can effect the camera's picture quality and can cause images to show up as unusually blurry. If a finger print smudge is blocking it, you need to only wipe it off with a wet cloth or paper towel. If it is scratched, follow Camera Replacement to show you how to get to your outer lens.

If your camera is simply displaying black, or a pixelated mess of colors, your camera may be no longer functional. To see how to replace your camera, follow Camera Replacement.

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