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Lightahead DV328 Troubleshooting

This is a troubleshooting guide for the 2013 Lightahead DV328 HD 720p Camcorder with 4x Digital Zoom and 2.7" Flipout Screen

Battery not powering up the device? A symptom of a faulty battery will be that the camcorder is not turning on. Make sure that the battery is fully charged. This is normally the case as to why the camcorder won't turn on. If the battery is fully charged and the camcorder is not turning on, check to see if the correct battery is installed. Also check the battery with a battery tester. This will determine if the battery is low or not.

If the correct battery is installed or the battery works and the camcorder is still not turning on, then the charger could be the reason behind the camcorder not working. A symptom of this would be that the camcorder, when plugged in, will not turn on. The charger could have a malfunctioning cord. Check to see if there are any tears within the wire. Sometimes there are rips where the plug is located. If this is the case, a new charger will be needed

If the battery has been changed recently, this could be the issue. A symptom of an incompatible battery would be when the user puts in the battery and the camcorder will not turn on. Make sure to have the correct battery. Each camcorder is different and may require a specific type of battery in order for it to function properly

Symptoms will include that the device is not powering on. Check to see if there is a battery inside.

Sometimes the arrow key is the cause of a non working camcorder. Over time, the fragile switch may start to wear.. If the arrow key is not working, a broken switch is often the culprit. The arrow key will need to be taken out using the proper tools.

Check the switch to see if there are any cracks or if it is broken. A replacement switch might be necessary if this is accurate.

Camera turns on and off but once memory card is inserted it does not turn on. What is wrong with it? Is it a lemon.

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