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Lite-On iHAS324 Troubleshooting

When you insert the disc and the application fails to start.

There may be some scratches or dirt on the disc. To fix this, eject the disc from the device. Use a soft, lint free cloth and wipe the silver side of the disc.

Press the “open” or “eject” button to open up the device tray. Then use a can of compressed air to spray the front of the drive tray. Use a soft, cotton cloth to clean any of the remaining particles and to dry the device.

Press the “open” or “eject” button to open up the device tray. Then use a can of compressed air to spray the drive tray. You will need to purchase a laser lens-cleaning disc. Place the cleaning disc into the disc tray, and close the device. The disc should load, and then press the “play” button and the cleaning cycle will start and should take a few minutes. Depending on what cleaning disc brand you purchase you may have different options, so check the packaging on more specific directions for that disc. It will notify you when it has finished cleaning. You can then remove the disc and use the device in its usual manner.

When you pressed the eject button and the device did not respond.

If you hear a clicking noise or hear the eject gears working, but see the disc is not moving inside then it is probably jammed. You can attempt to manually open the drive and remove the disc, but be very careful as this can cause the gears that open and close the tray to break.

If the issue cannot be resolved, replace the disc tray belt.

After clicking the eject button, the tray proceeds to open and immediately close.

Try pressing the eject button and wait for a response. Try holding the eject button and see if it stays open. If the eject button appears to not work correctly, then proceed to the next solution.

If the eject button is malfunctioning, replace the eject button.

The power light does not turn on or flickers when the device is on.

If the LED light is burnt out or not consistent in emitting light, replace the light.

The outside casing of the DVDRW Drive appears cracked or is missing.

If the chassis is cracked, replace the chassis.


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