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Lorex LW2742 Troubleshooting

Released October, 2014. Part of the LW1740 / LW2740 series.

Upon powering up the LCD display does not respond correctly.

If there is no picture on the LCD screen from the camera(s), first check the power to the camera. Then, make sure both the camera(s) and receiver are turned on. Make sure the camera(s) are within range of the receiver (450ft outdoors and 150ft indoors). The receiver may also be dead. If this is the case, connect the receiver to a power outlet with the power adapter. If all of this fails, the camera channel has been deactivated. To activate the camera, select the Camera Setting icon and press OK to confirm. Next, select Activation and press OK.

Ensure the receiver is turned on. If it does not turn on, the battery may be dead. If the battery does not charge, it may be defective and require replacement. Alternatively, the receiver may be in power saving mode and the display can be turned on by pressing any button on the receiver. If all of this fails, the screen may be malfunctioning and need replacing. Use this guide to replace the LCD display

Your Lorex LW2742 does not recognize motion correctly.

Your Lorex LW2742 may need to have its motion detection settings adjusted. Select camera settings and select OK. Then select MD motion and press OK to confirm. Choose the channel you wish to adjust motion settings for and press OK. Press OK repeatedly to adjust the sensitivity to desired setting.

Excessive Motion is being Recorded Causing Unwanted Video Recording

To set your Lorex LW2742 to ignore motion in certain areas, you will need to set a custom motion detection area. Select camera setting and press OK. Then select MD Area and press OK to confirm. Choose the channel you wish to adjust motion settings for and press OK. A blue grid will appear, use the arrows to navigate around the grid and press OK to allow or block squares in the grid. A blocked grid square will contain an X through it.

Your Lorex LW2742 does not hold a charge.

Use the Lorex LW2742’s scheduled recording feature to set start and stop times for when you want the device to record. Select schedules from the main menu and press OK to confirm, then use the arrow keys to select your dates and start/stop times. If you want to only record motion during the time slot that you input, set the recording schedule type to Motion. Press OK to save the schedule.

If your device fails to charge, it may be due to a faulty power supply. Make sure the electrical outlet is functional. Make sure the rechargeable battery is placed in the correct position, with the This Side Down sticker on the bottom of the battery. The last resort is to replace the battery.

The picture is not clear, too light, overexposed, or obstructed at night

The Lorex LW2742 digital wireless color cameras that come with this security system require a 6V DC 800mA power source. The y07FF-060-0800U AC-DC adapter that comes with the cameras designed output meets this requirement. Over time and exposure to outdoor elements this output may change and the adapter can give too much or too little power to the cameras. Check connection to ensure proper power flow and replace the adapter with one which meets the output design requirements if applicable.

Although the Lorex LW2742 cameras are weather resistant, they are not weatherproof. The Lorex LW2742 does not have a water-tight design and lacks weather seals. When selecting a location for camera placement try to keep these cameras in a high and dry place that will not get direct rainfall to the camera. In addition, be sure the camera is not pointed directly at a light source, and is located as close to the area you want under surveillance as reasonably possible.

There is a small foam ring around the camera lens that assists in reflecting low light. Remove the lens to insure proper ring placement. The LED lights might have burned out and need to be replaced. Use this guide to remove the lens and replace the LED lights.

Your Lorex LW2742 does not display images from the cameras clearly.

If the image is illuminated properly but not clear, check the lens of the camera. Clean the camera lens and lens cover with a microfiber cloth. If the lens is chipped or scratched you may want to replace it. Refer to this guide to replace the lens.

This may be the result of a weak signal between the camera and the receiver. Make sure the receiver’s antenna is raised. Move the receiver closer to the camera and remove anything between them that could obstruct the wireless signal. If the problem persists, there may be a faulty wireless transmitter or receiver antenna. Avoid installing your cameras in any areas that require the wireless signal to pass through concrete, cement, or metal structures.

If the screen appears white this is known as whitewash. This occurs when a bright light source is pointed directly at the camera. To avoid this issue, make sure that your camera is not pointed into a light source or a window reflecting a light source.

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