Mending Bent Corners

Before you buy any expensive gear evaluate form / function. If it's an old beater, perhaps a little chewing gum and string is enough

Recently I've had to repair iPods and iPads that have horribly dented corners. These were older generation and the owners were just looking to return them to working order.

Instead of buying the corner fixing tools at that time, I found some tools that I could use to gently hammer the dents out and get very close to original curve.

Find an old flat head screwdriver. Blunt the corners. If you can round them off with a grinder all the better.

Use a cloth, basically anything thin but protective enough to protect the iCase from direct contact with metal.

Using a mallet or hammer gently tap the end of the screwdriver until the corner is back to its original shape.

  • Try this first on an old beater if you've got access to one.
  • ******I'm in no way recommending that you shouldn't get the nice dent pullers. I just want to encourage those who otherwise may not attempt a repair due to monetary or other reasons
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