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Motorola V3c Troubleshooting

The screen won't turn on

The phone may be off

Have a friend call you to see if you are recieving anything. If you recieve a call, the phone is running.

The screen may be malfunctioning

If the screen does not turn on, it may have problems and might need to be repaired or replaced.

The cell phone won't turn on

Battery may not be installed

Check to see if your phone has a battery.

Battery has no charge

If it does have a battery, the battery does not have power and needs to be charged. If the phone still won't turn on after charging, you may need to replace the battery

The keypad does not work correctly

Short in the wiring

There may be a short in the internal wiring.

Moist Environments

If your phone has been in extremely moist environments, you may need to open it up and let it dry.

The outer casing is broken

Physical Damage

Your casing may need to be replaced, depending on the damage.

The camera does not turn on or fails to work

Broken wire or loose connection

There may be a broken wire or loose connection inside your phone. You may need to check and see if your camera's connection is secure.

Faulty Camera

You may also need to replace the camera.

out box messaging wont send

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