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Batteries may be low or out of power.

Towards the bottom of the Nerf gun is the battery compartment door. It has only one screw holding the door closed. Using the J1 head from the 64 Bit Kit, you can remove the screw and compartment door. Observe the 6 "C" batteries and replace batteries. The Nerf gun should now fire. If your Nerf Gun does not fire, continue to troubleshoot.

Guide to Replace Batteries

Motor spring may be damaged.

Disassemble Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire using the J1 head from the 64 Bit Kit to remove screws. Place any loose screws on the magnetic project mat to prevent misplacing them. Remove protective outer shell (yellow) and the supportive inner shell (blue) to observe the white interior. Remove the three screw heads on the white interior using the same screwdriver. You will see a spherical plastic shell encasing the metal spring inside. Remove spring and replace.

Guide to Replace Motor Spring

Damaged spring delays trigger.

Disassemble Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire. Remove protective outer shell (yellow) and inner supportive shell (blue). The spring is attached to the trigger. Observe spring for wear and tear or any other noticeable damage that may have caused delay. Trigger spring easily twists off to make for an easy replacement.

Guide to Replace Trigger Spring

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