Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Troubleshooting

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator was released in 2012.

Dart Jammed in Barrel or Clip ¶ 

You tried to fire the Retaliator, but the dart got stuck during release.

Incorrect Dart Size ¶ 

Be sure you are using the appropriate size dart recommended for the Retaliator. You can purchase replacement darts from Retaliator.

Improper Loading ¶ 

If the dart is stuck in the orange clip, remove the clip and reload the dart. If it is stuck in the short end of the barrel, just above the clip, you should be able to retrieve the dart through the small black door under the slider. Be sure the dart is loaded correctly, and not at an angle.

Debris in Barrel ¶ 

If the dart is stuck in the barrel, and you can not retrieve it through the black door you will need to disassemble the barrel. If it is stuck in the short end of the barrel, the main part of the blaster, use tweezers to removed the dart. If the dart is stuck in the long part of the barrel use a rod to carefully push the dart out of the barrel. Be sure to clear any debris from the barrel before reassembling.

Shredding Darts ¶ 

The blaster is shredding or damaging the dart upon release.

Improper Loading ¶ 

Be sure the darts are properly loaded into the clip, and they are not angled.

Barrel Not Properly Attached ¶ 

Be sure the front part of the barrel is attached to the rest of the blaster correctly so the dart is not being caught in a gap.

Misaligned or Damaged Barrel ¶ 

If the darts are loaded correctly, but the blaster still be shredded, the barrel may be either misaligned or in need of being replaced if damaged. Please see this guide to adjust or replace the barrel.

Slider is Not Sliding Forward ¶ 

The slider will not slide towards the front of the barrel.

Black Door is Open ¶ 

It is possible that the black door is stuck open. The slider will not move completely forward if the door is even slightly open. Be sure the door is completely closed.

Obstruction in Track ¶ 

If the black door is completely closed there may be an obstruction in the track. Check for any external obstructions that can be removed without disassembling the blaster first. If there are no external obstructions please see this tutorial on how to disassemble the blaster, and then clean the slider track.

Slider is Not Sliding Backwards ¶ 

The slider will not slide towards the rear of the Nerf.

External Obstructions ¶ 

Check first for any external obstructions. If no external obstructions are present please see this tutorial on how to disassemble the blaster, and then clean the slider track.

Trigger Not Working ¶ 

The trigger is not releasing or firing the dart.

Blaster Not Primed ¶ 

Make sure that the blaster is completely primed. To prime the blaster pull the slider back and release it forward. Make sure the slider is completely forward or it will not fire.

Broken Trigger ¶ 

If the blaster was properly primed, and it is still not firing, the trigger spring may need to be replaced. Please see this tutorial on how to replace the trigger spring.

Nerf Darts Do Not Travel Far ¶ 

The Nerf Retaliator will fire, but the darts do not travel more than a couple of feet.

Obstruction in Barrel ¶ 

Check to make sure there is debris in the barrel. If there is clean out the obstruction.

Spring Fatigue ¶ 

If the darts do not travel far and there isn't much tension on the trigger, you may need to replace the firing spring. Use this [ guide | 60143 |guide to help you replace the spring.]

Lack of Air Pressure ¶ 

If there is plenty of tension on the spring, but the dart is not being fired or not traveling far, there might not be enough air pressure. Please see this guide to replace the plunger/ air chamber.

My slider is not sliding backwards. I know how to disassemble the blaster but how do I cleaan the slider track?

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