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Nikon Coolpix E5700 Troubleshooting

The Coolpix E5700 is a 5.0 megapixel camera made by Nikon.

Camera wont turn on

Camera wont respond when the power button is pressed.

Drained/bad battery

Recharge the battery or try replacing it with a new rechargeable battery. Make sure the rechargeable battery is placed correctly into the slot. After the battery is inserted, correctly close the battery compartment and turn on the camera.

Bad display

It is possible that the display is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Bad logic board

It is possible that the logic board, inside the camera, needs to be replaced. Attempt this last.

Camera turns off immediately

Camera turns off unexpectedly when in use.

Drained/bad battery

Always check the battery first. It is possible that the battery needs to be recharged or replace. If the battery is out of power, allow it to charge for 4-6 hours before placing it back in the camera.

Battery is cold

If replacing the battery does not work, the battery pack may be cold and needs to be warmed to room temperature. Do so by taking the battery out and letting it sit for a few hours. Return the battery pack once it has reachd room temperature.

Photos are blurred

When taking a picture photos turn out unfocused or blurry.

Shutter speed is low

A low shutter speed can produce blurry images if the camera moves while a picture is taken. Use a tripod to limit shaking, or increase the shutter speed in the camera's settings.

Flash is off

When the flash is off in little to no light, the shutter speed is reduced to allow the camera to absorb as much light as possible. The flash provides enough light to allow the shutter speed to increase. Turn the flash on in the settings and retake the picture.

Sensitivity is low

Raise the sensitivity level in settings.

Colors appear to be unnatural

When a photo is taken, the colors appear to be unnatural on the monitor.

Saturation control is too low or too high

In camera settings, adjust the saturation levels to balance the picture quality. The lighting may play a crucial role in deciding this balance. If you turn the saturation all the way to zero the picture will be black and white.

Exposure does not match the light source

In camera settings, adjust the exposure to compliment the light source. The higher the exposure, the more unnatural the picture will appear.

Monitor is blank

Monitor is black when camera is on.

Lens cap is on

When the lens cap is on, the monitor appears black. Remove the lens cap in front of the camera.

Viewfinder is on

When using the monitor, turn off the viewfinder in settings.

USB or audio/video cable is connected

When a USB or audio/video cable is connected to the camera and is turned on, the monitor will appear black. If connected to a computer, the image that would be on the monitor will appear on the desktop. Disconnect USB or audio/video cable to view the monitor.

No indicators appear in the monitor or viewfinder

No icons are displayed on screens.

Indicators are hidden

The camera settings may have the indicators set to be hidden. Press the display button to the right of the viewfinder labeled, "SEL".

Slide show is in progress

When a slide show is playing, all indicators are hidden on monitor. When the slide show is finished, indicators should reappear on the monitor or the slide show should turn off.

Has anyone had a problem with the lens jamming.? During a move something must have bumped the on button and the camera attempted to open without space available for the lens to open. I took it to Nikon but they foot service their own products once they discontinue them. I love the camera for macro and would like to fix it... any ideas?

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