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Nikon Coolpix L820 Troubleshooting

Release Date: January 28, 2013. Model Number: L820. Screen: 3 inches, 921k pixels.

Camera will not power on

Camera will not or is unable to be powered on.

There is debris on the lens

The lens has debris obstructing it either outside of it or from inside.

Clean the lens

It is important to power the camera down before cleaning. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any debris present on the outside of the lens.

Displace debris

If the debris persists, it may be on the inside of the lens. A small amount of compressed air may help to displace the particles of debris. Again, be sure that the camera is powered down before proceeding.

The ports are not connecting to devices

The camera is not connecting to other devices via the device ports.

Reboot Camera

The camera may need to be powered down and restarted.

Port may have debris

There may be some small debris in the port not allowing a connection with the device plug. It could be removed with tweezers or a small amount of compressed air.

Port may be damaged

The metal casing around the port may be damaged. If the casing around the port is bent it may not allow the device connection to fit properly. Please see repair guides for instruction on access and repair of the port. If the problem persist, the port may need to be completely replaced. Please see repair guide to proceed with this course of action.

Batteries are dead

Make sure camera batteries are still valid. No battery ports should be deformed. Replace all batteries with new batteries. All batteries should be homogenous in age, make, and usage.

Internal Damage

Examine camera for water damage. Water damage may cause detrimental harm to the camera requiring professional examination. If no water damage is present, other internal portions of the camera may be damaged. Even dropping camera short heights can cause complex damage requiring professional evaluation.

Power Button is Stuck

Examine button for contaminants inhibiting button from being pressed. To avoid potential contaminants causing problems with camera, always store the camera in a proper case. Avoid situations in which dirt, dust, and food come in contact with camera. If superficial contaminants are unable to be easily dislodged, camera may require internal investigation. Power off camera before pursuing internal investigation.

LCD screen is not functioning properly

LCD screen is not visible or does not work

The LCD screen does not allow for user to see image

LCD Screen is Black

Make sure camera is powered on.

Check for lens cap covering lens. If lens cap is on, remove lens cap.

Examine camera in dimly lit area. The screen may simply appear dim under highly exposed light.

Check for water damage. Water damage may cause permanent damage to camera requiring replacement of LCD screen.

Camera may have experienced trauma. Avoid situations in which harm may be caused to camera through impact. Replacement may be required to repair damage.

LCD Screen is Dim

LCD screen may appear dim when outdoors in high light exposure. The LCD screen may have no damage or issues. Check LCD screen in dim lighting.

Batteries may be low. Power off camera and replace batteries. Use care to ensure proper installation. No battery ports should be deformed. All batteries should be homogeneous in age, make, and usage.

[CHECK??] settings to brighten screen??

LCD may have experienced water damage. Examine camera for water damage.

Camera may have experienced trauma. Avoid situations in which harm may be caused to camera through impact. Replacement may be required to repair damage.

LCD Screen Appears Scratched

Apparent damage to screen may be dirt and debris. Clean LCD screen with proper cleaner and microfiber cloth.

Permanent damage may have occurred to camera LCD screen. Though it may not be, cosmetically preferable, minor damage is not detrimental to usage. In cases of severe damage inhibiting usage, LCD screen may be replaced following replacement guide.

Microphone not working

The microphone is not picking up sound proficiently.

Speaking Clearly

Make sure that you are speaking clearly and the sounds are loud enough for the microphone to pick up. Also try restarting the camera.

Water Damage or Damaged from Dropping

If damaged from contact with water or from being dropped, your microphone may need to be replaced.

Settings Buttons not working

The settings buttons are stuck or not working.

Buttons are stuck

The buttons may just have something blocking them from being pushed. Try to keep food and other things that could do this away from the camera when in use. If the food won’t come out on its own, you may have to take out the button to fix it. Follow Nikon Coolpix L820 Settings buttons Replacement to do so.

Buttons won’t push but are not stuck

You may have to buy replacement buttons, follow the below link to the appropriate repair guide.

Nikon Coolpix L820 Settings buttons Replacement.

My camera will take videos but won't take still pictures. What can I do to fix it?

Linda Friendt - Antwort

since recently my settings are not remembered if the batteries are taken out for a couple of days .. Earlier, it would still remember even after months of having the batteries removed ..

Is there an internal battery ?that may need to be replaced ?

asd asd - Antwort

I have a blue spot in the middle of my photos. I can see it when I take pictures on the screen. But, it is also on my new pictures but not my older ones. So it must be lens. What can I do to get it removed?

Tracy - Antwort

Camera wants to go to full zoom when using zoom. Turn camera off a few times & sometimes it works properly.

nostalgia7392 - Antwort

When iam on the my camera why showing error lens is lowered my camara model nikon L820

damyanti pathak - Antwort

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