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Camera will not turn on

The camera does not respond and it shows no signs of any activity when it's turned ON.

Take a test shot

Take a quick test shot and if it works it's not the battery, the issue might be with the display.

Check the ON switch

Make sure the ON switch is completely clicked into place. The camera will not turn on if the switch is half way into the ON and OFF position.

Check the battery

The battery might not be properly inserted. Make sure the direction of the battery is correct; positive with positive marks match.

Your battery might need to be recharged. Do a full charge on the battery and try turning on your camera. If it does not turn on, you might need a replacement battery using this guide.

The battery was replaced, it's still not turning on

There are no signs of energy or flow in the camera.

Check the user's manual

Refer to the user's manual found here. You might need to replace the motherboard and you can use this guide to do so.

Motherboard was replaced still having issues

If you're able to take photos, but you're unable to see anything on the screen. You might have a faulty LCD screen. You can replace the screen using this guide.

Camera takes a long time to turn on

The camera seems sluggish when it's powered on.

Check the memory card

Make sure the memory card is inserted correctly. Also make sure it is not locked: take out the memory card, make sure the 'Lock' tab is off, and reinsert into the camera.

Check memory card files

Look through the memory card to check if it is full; if it is full, then delete files/folders to free up storage. You can delete the photos or use a new memory card. Use this guide to replace the memory card.

Photos are blurry

The camera and lens do not come to a focus.

Clean the lens

The outer lens may be dirty. Carefully detach the outer lens, and with a microfiber cloth, lightly rub the inside and outside of the lens. Reattach when complete.

Check auto focus settings

The auto focus settings switch may not be locked into place. Make sure it is fully into position. Make sure you are not on manual focus.

Camera will not enable deleting photos

I cleared all the pictures but there are some that will not be erased.

Pictures may be protected

Select the picture, use the menu options to un-protect the picture on the screen.

Memory Card is locked

Take out the memory card, make sure the 'Lock' tab is off, and reinsert into the camera.

Think my camera may be faulty - I have tried every possible way to delete photos and then message says 'no files', so it appears to have worked, then when I turn the camera back on all the photos are back. This can't be right? Even after formatting card, etc? Haunted camera?! Can anyone advise me on this? Thanks.

Noo - Antwort

there is not crack on the screen. The camera is taking pictures. The small screen can be seen but the main screen is just blank. Nothing can be seen. Any idea why??

jason cornelio - Antwort

I have had the camera for a year and have yet to get a sharp photo.

trevorwpage - Antwort

Guessing your camera is on manual focus and not auto

Livie Gee -

take the sd card and put it into a laptop or other 'real' computer, then do a 'format' on it. use the 'FAT' method, leave the options to 'default', but check the 'quick format' setting.

Happy Fixer - Antwort

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