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No matter what you do, you can't get your Ninja BL663CO to turn on.

Ensure that the blender is plugged into a functional power outlet.

If the blender is receiving power but will not work, it is most likely that one of the components is out of place. If this is the case, the red power light will blink continuously. First, check that the arrow on the lid is pointing toward the arrow on the handle and the handle is locked in place. Next, make sure the pitcher is screwed into the base securely. If the blender still wont work and the power light continues to blink, check that the blades are in place and are not obstructed.

If your Ninja BL663CO lid won't come off, make sure to fully depress the release button at the top of the lid. Once the lid handle is released, pull up firmly on the handle.

If the lid is still stuck, it is possible that fluid has gotten into the rubber seal that is on the inside of the lid, causing the lid to stick stick very tightly. In this case you may have to apply additional force or insert a thin item such as a butter knife or flat-head screwdriver between the lid and the pitcher, in order to break the vacuum seal.

If the buttons on your Ninja BL663CO won't work, ensure that the blender is plugged in, the power is turned on, and the components are properly aligned.

If you are certain that the blender has power, indicated by the red power light, you may have to replace the buttons on your blender or the motor base.

Why are there are still large chunks of ice after blending?

If your smoothies are not a smooth as they used to be, your blades may be damaged and will need to be replaced. See Ninja Professional Blender 1100 watt Blade Replacement

If the blades are not spinning when you activate your Ninja Professional blender, make sure that the plastic blade housing piece is positioned correctly and properly seated on the gear shaft.

If the blades are in place but still won't spin, they may be blocked by objects such as ice or frozen ingredients that are packed too tightly. You may have to empty the contents into a separate container and add them in small amounts.

When you try to blend something and hear a high-pitched whine. It may be due to a stripped gear. You will need to inspect the drive gear inside the pitcher where the blades attach. If the gear appears to be damaged, you may have to replace your pitcher.

While enjoying your blended refreshment, you notice that there are pieces of plastic in your drink, it could be that the blade housing is worn out. Check the the plastic piece that contains the blades while your blender is turned off. If the bottom of plastic piece is worn, it will have to be replaced. See Ninja Professional Blender 1100 watt Blade Replacement.

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Can't get blades to fasten back into blender

Theresa nichols - Antwort

How can I obtain a new rubber band for the individual blender? Mine leaks when blending . It is the Ninja 1100 professional series

Kelly Hugh - Antwort

Hello.... am wondering why don't my ninja is not turning on... the power button is just blinking.. and it's like New

Evelyn Vela - Antwort

10 sec ago made a dragonfruit smoothie had same problem for the big blender atch. and the small blender atch. RED BLINK FIX! its a satay blink meaning where the big blender and the littler blender actually connect like the threaded look real close the put in these buttons they are tiny and black. What happens is you don't clean it properly and liquid or some sore of sugar gets into those buttons an if all the buttons which there is at least three I believe for each big and little blender use rubbing alcohol used nail polish and a q tip to kind of soak the buttons then with something firm such as a flat head or butter knife press the buttons ALL OF THEM up and down and work them back to getting LOOSE . FIXED! ....Now make sure when your done pay extra attention to those spots when storing they must be cleaned. its a pain but not if your 6 yr old chops his face in half and fingers these tings are powerful I LOVE MINE NO PROBLEMS at all except that...which I blame half on me and ninja ...HOPE IT HELPS

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