Nokia 3560 Troubleshooting Guide

Double check the connection. As the phone becomes older, the parts themselves become, which makes connecting the phone difficult.

Check the socket and make sure that it is plugged in completely. The prongs on the plug might be bent, which will not allow them to complete the circuit.

Hold the button down until the screen lights up.

Slide the back cover off of the phone to expose the battery. Push on the battery to ensure that it is completely secured.

Plug the phone in and turn it on by holding the end-call button.

Please refer to the dismantling guide. Sometimes sand and other small particles can become lodged under the keypad preventing you from pressing the button. Also, check the number pad to see if it is torn.

Press the menu button and follow the on-screen prompts. (Typically tells you to press the star button.)

Contact your wireless provider and make a change to your account.

Contact your wireless provider and make a change to your account.

Double check, or set up your voice mailbox number.

Contact your wireless provider for assistance.

Make sure the battery is charged, or the phone is plugged in.

Being underground, in some brick buildings, or elevators can block cellular reception. Move outside, or near a window.

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