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Pacific Image Electronics CS3600 Troubleshooting

This will help you troubleshoot problems with your Pacific Image CS3600 Film Scanner.

Scanner Will Not Power On

The scanner will not respond to being turned on, or show any signs of powering up when being charged.

Faulty Charger

Ensure that the charger is securely plugged into the scanner and plugged into a viable source of electricity. If the blue charging light does not come on. The charger is faulty. Consider buying a new charger.

Faulty Battery

After replacing the charger, if the scanner still shows no response and refuses to power on, the battery might be faulty. Replace the battery using this guide.

Scanned Film or Slide Distorted

''You scanned your film or slide and the image isn’t as sharp as you’d like, your image is blurry.”

Incorrect Resolution

Remove the original film or slide from the scanner. Hold the original film or slide up to a computer display and compare the quality. If they are of identical quality then the issue is the quality of the original film or slide. Scan only high quality original film or slides.

Dirty Scanner Glass

Turn off the device using the power switch on the bottom. Try inserting a q-tip or cotton ball to remove any particles that may be obstructing your view. If that does not work, try reviewing this link to better clean the inside of the scanner.

Glass Needs Replacing

If resolution of image is still blurry, the glass itself might need replacing. Replace the scanner glass with this guide.

Undeveloped Image

The scanner uploads images that are too dark or underexposed.

Faulty Light Bulb

If the image you are scanning results in a dark or completely black image, then you may have to test the light bulb. To test the light bulb you have to plug in and power on the scanner. If the light bulb is dimmed or not turning on, then the light bulb may have to be replaced. Replace the light bulb using this guide.

Scanner is Overheating

While you are scanning an image, the device randomly shuts off and the bottom of device is warm to the touch

Scanner Overused

If the device has been used for more than 8 hours, the device will power down. Turn off scanner and wait 1 hour before using again.

Dust Build Up in Light Bulb Casing

Scanners can overheat due to excessive dust build up on the light bulb and the light bulb's casing. Remove the light bulb and clean it with a compressed air duster.

Slide Obstruction

While you are scanning an image, the slide will not let you push it through to the other side.

Slide Tray Bent

The scanner’s slide tray may be bent due to overuse or misuse. Take out the slide tray and check to see if the tray is bent. If it is, you will have to purchase a new slide tray for the scanner.

Object Obstructing Tray

The scanner’s slide tray may not be able to get pushed all the way through due to an object obstructing the slot within the scanner. Take out the slide tray and check to see if the tray is not bent or broken. If it is not, you will have to look through the tray slot to see if you can see any objects that may be preventing you from putting the tray through. If there is and you are unable to get it out through the slot, you will have to open up the scanner. Remove the object with this guide.

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