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Palm Centro Troubleshooting

Phone doesn't turn on

Consult this section if you are unable to receive any power to your phone.


The phone will not be able to power up if the battery is not present and installed properly. Check that the battery is not missing.

Be sure to establish a proper connection between the battery and the phone by clearing any debris between the two.

Connect the charger to a power source and connect the cell phone to the charger. Wait a few seconds, then press and hold the power button.

If the phone only works while connected to the power adapter, a new battery might be needed.

Power adapter

If your battery doesn't charge or doesn't hold a charge, and the battery is not dead, the power adapter might be the problem.

Ensure that the power adapter is functioning by trying it with an additional cell phone of the same model.

Broken charging port

If the correct power adapter is being used and a functioning battery is properly installed, ensure the charging port is stable. Plug in the charger and check if the connection between the charger and the cell phone is loose.

Water Damage

If your cell phone as recently encountered a water source (you accidentally washed it along with your clothes, dropped in the toilet, etc), you can check to see if the water reached the interior of the phone, causing the electronics to short.

Remove the battery of your phone. On the side of the Centro, over the SIM card there is a white circle. It turns pink in the presence of water.

NOTE: Even if you Centro functions just fine, and that circle is pink, you no longer qualify for the warranty.

Internal Speaker Not Working

Consult this section if you are not hearing anything from your internal speaker.

Power Off/Power On

First try turning the power off, and powering the phone back up after a few moments.

Soft Reset

Remove the battery while the phone is still on if the problem persists, wait a few minutes and replace the battery. Turn the phone back on and check to see if the speaker is working.

Hard Reset

This should only be done after a soft reset has been attempted.

To perform a hard reset:

Remove the battery cover

Press and hold the Power (on/off) button.

While holding the Power button, that the battery out and put it back in. If you see a progress bar, keep holding the Power button.

The Palm Powered screen will appear and you should release the Power button when you see it.

Finally there will be a screen asking if you would like to erase all data. Select "Yes" by pressing UP on your 5-way navigator to complete the hard reset.

Headset Jack is Stuck

If the internal speaker and/or internal microphone stopped working after using a plug-in headset, the headset jack may be stuck. This may trick the phone into believing that a headset is still inserted, and therefore it disables the internal speaker & mic and sometimes even the ringer. If your ringer is not making any noise, try putting the phone into vibrate mode.

Spray a small amount of Contact Cleaner (for electrical contacts) in the headset jack and work a headset plug or pipe cleaner in and out of the jack a few times. Do not apply excessive force. Gently is better. Test the mic & speaker using a audio recording app (such as Camcorder) and stop fixing when it works. If your headset jack is causing problems, consider getting a Bluetooth headset.

Internal Mic is not working

See Headset Jack is Stuck section of Internal Speaker Not Working in this Troubleshooting article.

Keypad is not working

Consult this section if your keypad is locked/frozen.

Disable Keyguard Feature

When the screen is off, press the red power button to wake up the screen. Press the center (Palm) button to turn off Keyguard.

Hotsync Troubleshooting

Consult this section if you are having trouble with the Hotsync application

Please note: Palm's synchronization software, Palm Desktop 6.2, was designed for 32-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista. Palm has not done thorough testing with the broad range of third-party equipment running Windows 7 and therefore can't provide assurances about compatibility. Also these steps will work ONLY with the HotSync software provided by Palm.

Hotsync window does not open on the desktop PC when Hotsync button on Palm devices cable/cradle is pressed

(your desktop computer doesn't respond; you may see an alert message) Perform each of the steps below, in order. After each step, try to sync. If it works, you've solved the problem and don't need to try the next step.

Make sure Hotsync Manager Application is turned on

Update Synch software

Download latest Palm software

Download latest version of Microsoft Outlook 2007

Perform a soft reset

Remove the USB HotSync cable, and connect it again. Do the same with the other end that connects to your computer. Don't try to sync until the device is fully connected.

Check for lint or other particles on the HotSync connector on your Palm device. Blow on the connector (or use canned air) to remove the debris.

Inspect your cables and points of contact

Hotsync operation does not complete successfully

After each step, attempt another HotSync operation. If the HotSync succeeds, you have resolved the problem and do not need to try the next step..

Does the Windows New Hardware Wizard as you to locate the driver? If so, try to manually locate the driver.

Check the HotSync log for synchronization errors and other useful diagnostics

Get the most recent Palm desktop

Delete your device’s user name and choose a new user name when you conduct the next

Hotsync operation completes successfully but data can not be found on computer

Data does not appear

The HotSync software synchronizes only these Outlook folders: Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks and Inbox. Check to make sure these are the subfolders you are using for Outlook.

Since you can’t directly synchronize Contacts to a shared/”global” Microsoft Exchange address book this can cause the data to “disappear”. To get around this you must add the contacts to your personal Contacts folder, and then synchronize. In the Outlook Address Book (not the Contacts folder), right-click on the item you want to add, and choose Add to personal Address book.

You may have entered data under one user name but synchronized to a different user name. User names are case-sensitive.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you may encounter problems after a hard reset .

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