Palm Pre 2 Troubleshooting

The Palm Pre 2 is a multi-touch screen smartphone, with a QWERTY. This smartphone has a 1GHz processor and a 5MP camera.

The Palm Pre 2 is a QWERTY Keyboard Smartphone with a WebOS Touchscreen.

"If it's loose, make it snug."

==Dead Battery ==

If the phone will not come on, it is possible that the battery is completely dead. This being said, charge the phone for about 30min before taking any further steps.

Make sure the phone is powered off before dissembling it. Fold a small piece of paper and place it along the edge of the battery, on the opposite side of the metal springs.

Click this [Ungültiger Anleitungslink] for the guide.

Batteries can wear out, especially after using a charger that is not specifically for the device. If this happens you may need to purchase a new battery and charger.

Follow this [Ungültiger Anleitungslink] to replace a battery.

When using the keyboard always make sure that your hands are clean, and don't eat food to close to your phone.

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