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Palm Treo 755p Troubleshooting


Most problems can be solved by either a soft or hard reset. Do one of these before replacing hardware.

Soft Reset

A soft reset will normally not delete any user data unless there are power issues also involved.

WARNING: If the low battery warning is displayed, change or charge your batteries immediately even if there is an error message on the screen.

  1. Turn off wireless mode by pressing and holding the red Power/End button.
  2. Remove the battery cover.
  3. Take out the battery.
  4. Put the battery back in.
  5. Replace the battery cover.
  6. After a soft reset, a logo screen appears, followed shortly by a Preferences screen asking you to set time and date.

Hard Reset

All data will be removed, and formats, preferences and other settings will be restored to their factory default settings.

WARNING: A hard reset will erase everything on your device. Don't perform a hard reset unless you have backed up your data, or you are willing to lose everything.

  1. Remove the battery cover.
  2. While holding the red Power/End button, take out the battery and put it back in.
  3. Keep holding the Power button if you see a progress bar.
  4. Once the Palm Powered screen appears, release the Power button.
  5. You will see a screen that asks: Erase all data? YES = "up" button, NO = any other button. Press <UP> on the arrow pad to complete the hard reset.

Screen malfunctioning

The screen is broken, will not turn on, or is frozen.

Screen broken

If your screen is cracked or shattered, it needs to be replaced.

Screen won’t turn on

If your screen is black, first check to make sure the backlight is not over dimming the screen. See the "Backlight too dim" section below. A black screen, or one that does not display an image requires replacement.

Screen frozen

If your screen is frozen and the “reboot” message appears, see the reboot message section. If your screen does not respond to the keyboard, touch screen, or power button, a soft reset should restore your screen. See soft reset guidelines displayed above.

“Reboot” message displayed

If your screen displays the word “reboot” repeatedly, a soft reset is necessary. See the soft reset procedure above. A replacement battery may also be necessary.

Backlight too dim

If your backlight is too dim or not on at all, try pushing <option> + <p> then <UP> or <DOWN> to adjust the brightness. If the previous procedure does not work try a soft reset. See soft reset section above.

Buttons not working

When you press a button on the keypad or try to change the volume with the side buttons, nothing happens.

Keyboard not responding

If your screen is not responding to keypresses, make sure the screen does not respond to the stylus. Refer to the guidelines above for the screen being frozen or black to be sure that the keyboard alone is malfunctioning. If your touch screen is responding, but your keyboard is not, then either your keyboard should be replaced or the circuit board may be malfunctioning. If the keyboard is shattered, missing keys, or unreadable, then your keyboard should be replaced.

Side volume buttons not responding

If the volume buttons on the side of the phone are unresponsive, try a soft reset. If the soft reset does not fix the problem, try a hard reset. See reset guidelines above for the soft and hard reset procedures. If the problem persists, any third party programs installed could be the cause. These programs should be uninstalled. Refer to your computer's uninstall guidelines to uninstall programs.

Audio not working

No one can hear you, or you cannot hear anyone, while calling.

Microphone not picking up sound

If the person you’re calling cannot hear you, but you can hear them, then your microphone could be the problem. However, poor cell service also could be the problem. Sometimes the internal microphone fails to reconnect after a headset is removed from the phone. This may appear to be a broken microphone. The problem can be fixed by poking a toothpick into the headset jack to release the switch. If you are sure the problem is not due to poor service nor the result of a disconnected internal microphone, replace the microphone.

Speaker not making sound

If your phone does not produce any sound whatsoever, the speaker could be broken. If the speaker is broken it needs to be replaced.

Headset jack malfunctioning

If you cannot hear through the headset, the problem could be the headset jack. First, try a different headset, and if the problem continues, the headset jack should be replaced.

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